Fire in the Hole

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Fire in the Hole is another song written by Olivia Chrestomanci, modelled after big pink's story "Fire in the Hole". It's a pre-series Dean POV.

You can listen to it at esbeani's LJ here.

'Fire in the Hole'

I spent a nighttime chasing poltergeists and I fell down

You told me to stay put till you could bring the car around.
I’m waiting in a pitch black parking garage by the side of the Vegas Strip
I’m paying for an oversight that you won’t admit
And I’m not sure who I’m talking to right now –
It could be you or it could be him
Yeah I think it’s him.

Come on, a lifetime chasing poltergeists you just break out?
It’s a cop-out I didn’t stop you… though I was ordered to
Who’s gonna watch over you now you’re out there without us?
You took an out and it nearly broke me in two… if I tell it true.
Little brother
Is it a bother
That I’ve been calling you?

Oh Western Nevada in the summertime
Is hot and ungodly dry
I see heat shimmer up off the pavement
Like a failed goodbye

Rocksalt, highways, and shit to kill
We pretend it’s all the same –
He’d pull a trigger in a heartbeat
But he can’t say your name.

The ghosts of miners whisper down in the tunnels
That are stretched beneath the desert sand like rivers
They belonged to men who hunted silver down in the darkness
I’m a man who hunts the dark down with silver.

I fell farther than a person should fall
but I’m tough and I pulled through
Just before I hit the ground
I thought of you.
I didn’t try to stop you
But I wanted to.

Shotguns, roadmaps, and roach motels
We pretend like nothing’s changed –
He’d pull a trigger in a heartbeat
But he can’t say your name.
It’s like every mention of you is an act of violence
He can’t say your name so I’ll say it in silence.
If he really won’t say your name then I’ll say it in silence.

– Olivia Chrestomanci, esbeani@lj