Fizzles' Folly

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Fizzles' Folly.jpg
Fizzles' Folly
Color Blue and white
Owner(s) Garth
Appearance(s) First Appearance: 8.10 Torn and Frayed
Last Appearance: 8.21 The Great Escapist

Dean: Garth has a safe-houseboat?
Sam: Dude, I don't even ask questions anymore.

Dean and Sam, 8.08 Hunteri Heroici


Fizzles' Folly is a boat owned by Garth. The boat is docked in Warsaw, Missouri, and throughout season eight it served as a demon-proof safe house for Kevin Tran while he attempted to decipher the demon tablet for the trials to seal the gates of Hell. Dean, in an attempt to protect Kevin, warded the boat against demons but not angels, in the hope of Castiel finding his way there. However, Crowley was able to circumvent the wards and abduct Kevin. Fizzles' Folly has not been seen since, though Crowley kept Kevin in an illusion of the boat to trick him into translating his half of the demon tablet, but Kevin sees past his tricks and gets rescued by Metatron.


8.08 Hunteri Heroici

In order to keep Kevin Tran and his mother safe, Sam and Dean send them to Garth who takes them to his "safe-houseboat" to give them a safe place to lay low whilst Kevin attempts to translate the half of the demon tablet they possess. Sam finds this out over a phone call with Linda, and tells Dean who is surprised that Garth has a safe-houseboat.

8.10 Torn and Frayed

Dean and Castiel visit Kevin who is working on translating their half of the demon tablet in Fizzles' Folly. Kevin is alone since Garth is on a supply-run and he sent his mom away to have less distractions. Dean and Cas need a demon bomb in order to get into the warehouse where Crowley is holding Samandriel hostage. Kevin gives them a list of the ingredients for the bomb which Castiel takes some time to get.

8.14 Trial and Error

We catch up with Kevin who has been working non-stop in the boat on translating the demon tablet. He's been getting very little sleep, not showering, and eating nothing but hot dogs, all whilst completely isolated. In February, after weeks of work, Kevin has a breakthrough... right before collapsing from exhaustion.

When he comes to, he calls Dean and tells him to come to the boat immediately. Sam and Dean head to the boat where they enter with guns drawn, Kevin's ambiguous phone call having them worried. Instead, they simply find Kevin throwing up in the boat's toilet.

After Sam and Dean interrogate Kevin on how badly he's been looking after himself, Kevin tells them his self-neglect has been worth it — he has figured out how to close the gates of Hell forever. After a brief celebration, Kevin explains that there's an Enochian spell to be uttered after each of three trials in order to be able to close the gates. The first being bathing in the blood of a hellhound after killing it. Dean is optimistic about the trial and leaves to go on a supply run for goofer dust and some healthy food for Kevin.

Whilst Dean is away, Sam advises Kevin to take some time off and get some sleep. Kevin rejects the idea, telling Sam that the quicker they close the gates of hell, the quicker he can get back to a normal life.

When Dean returns, Sam tells him of some possible signs that a demon deal was made in February 2003—ten years previously—in Shoshone, Idaho. Dean is eager to get going and tells Kevin to call them if he finds out any information on how to kill a hellhound. Before he leaves, Dean gives Kevin some drugs to help his headaches and his exhaustion.

8.19 Taxi Driver

Kevin is awakened during the night by Crowley's voice taunting him, telling him he knows that he's translating his half of the demon tablet. Kevin searches the boat as Crowley's voice tells him that he's actually in his mind. Things escalate until Kevin imagines his hands and feet being nothing but bloodied stumps.

Kevin calls Sam and Dean and, once they get there, he tells them Crowley is in his head. They dismiss this as anxiety-induced paranoia. Sam changes the subject, asking where Garth is, to which Kevin tells him Garth is either on a case, or at the dentist and that he hasn't heard from him.

Dean asks Kevin what he couldn't say on the phone, and Kevin reveals he has finished translating the second trial from the demon tablet: "An innocent soul has to be rescued from Hell, and delivered unto Heaven." To figure out how to get a soul out of Hell, Sam and Dean leave Kevin in the boat as they go question a crossroads demon.

After Sam goes to Hell thanks to a rogue reaper, Dean returns to Fizzles' Folly with some food from Biggerson's for Kevin. Kevin is still paranoid about Crowley, and has taken up residence in the closet. Confiding in Dean that he can't take it much longer, Dean gives him a pep talk, telling him to push through before redirecting him to the food. Kevin takes the food back to the closet, which he refers to as his "room".

The next morning, Dean cooks bacon and eggs for himself and Kevin and calls for him, thinking he's still in the closet. Instead, Kevin enters the boat a few moments later. He tells Dean that he has hidden the tablet somewhere away from the boat to ease his own anxiety. Dean demands to know where the tablet is, but Kevin refuses to tell him and locks himself away in the closet again.

Right after this, Naomi appears in the boat and introduces herself to Dean—who is guarded against her because of her treatment of Castiel. Despite this, Naomi insists that they're on the same side—both wanting to shut the gates of Hell for good. She then leaves after informing Dean that the rogue reaper Ajay's way into Hell is through Purgatory.

Later, Kevin is touching up the warding sigils on the boat's windows when he hears Crowley's voice in his head again. Suddenly, the windows cave in, scattering glass everywhere as Kevin cowers. Crowley appears, telling Kevin that he tortured his mom for his location. Since she wouldn't give it up, he had her killed and got Kevin's location from her phone. Kevin's screams can be heard as he's abducted by Crowley. Sam and Dean return later that night to find the boat deserted and Kevin missing, along with all of his translation notes.

8.20 Pac-Man Fever

Dean assures Sam that he has hacked into every security camera around Fizzles' Folly along with other places connected to Kevin in order to find him.

8.21 The Great Escapist

Kevin awakens in what he believes to be Fizzles' Folly. The door knocks and Kevin opens it to find Sam and Dean whom he squirts with what he thinks is holy water. He admonishes them for not using the "secret knock", but lets them in when they tell him they've found the second half of the demon tablet.

Kevin eagerly gets to work translating the second half of the demon tablet whilst Sam and Dean leave the boat. What Kevin doesn't realize is that the version of Sam and Dean he'd just been talking to were actually demons working for Crowley to trick him into translating it for him, and that the boat is just an illusion by Crowley.

Later, Kevin complains about needing food. He gives demon Sam and demon Dean a list of food to get him and they leave. When they return and Kevin has eaten, Kevin tells them he's having trouble translating the tablet without the other half and offers to tell them where it is so they can retrieve it. However, he tricks them and sends them straight into a devil's trap.

When he finds out, Crowley breaks down the door to his set of the boat and confronts Kevin. Crowley asks Kevin how he figured out that he'd been kidnapped, and Kevin tells him it was a combination of Sam and Dean forgetting the secret knock and the fact they went to get him food.

After being taunted by Kevin, Crowley decides that he doesn't need him and tries to strangle him to death. This backfires as Metatron protects the prophet and teleports him out of the fake boat to safety.