Garth's Car

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Garth's Car
Model '78 Ford Ranchero Squire
Plates 2BK 3P8
Color Brown
Owner(s) Garth
Appearance(s) 7.08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!
7.18 Party On, Garth
8.06 Southern Comfort


Rear view of the Ford Ranchero Squire.

The hunter Garth drives a seventh generation (1977-1979) Ford Ranchero Squire with South Dakota plates: 2BK 3P8.[1][2]

The Ford Ranchero is a coupé utility vehicle: a passenger-car derived vehicle with coupé passenger cabin lines and an integral cargo bed.[3] The model that Garth drives, a Squire, has simulated woodgrain "paneling" along the flanks which is flaking off and in need of repair. Also, the iconic "F O R D" logo on the tailgate, which is intact the first time we see it,[1] loses its "F" at some point.[2] He sometimes has trouble starting it.[4]

Dean drives the Ranchero briefly when they work on a hunt together in Kansas.[2]