Gary Frankel

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Gary Frankel.jpg
Name Gary Frankel
Actor Colton James
Location Housatonic Massachusetts
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 5.12 Swap Meat


Gary Frankel and his two friends Trevor and Nora are playing with black magic, when they come in contact with demons and are informed of a bounty out on Dean Winchester's head. When Dean and Sam arrive in town to exorcise a poltergeist, Gary casts a spell which has him and Sam swapping bodies intending to hand Dean over to the demons.

Gary gets rid of all Dean's cell phones so Sam can't contact him and poses as him to accompany Dean on the case, where thanks to Maggie Briggs he misses an opportunity to kill him. Gary has done a lot of research on Maggie, presumably due to his interest in witchcraft and he knows where her body is and even salts and burns her himself. Later he celebrates the ghosts' vanquish, enjoying getting drunk with Dean, and later getting picked up by and going home with a woman from the bar. When he comes back to the motel, set on killing Dean, Dean has worked out he is not Sam and confronts him.

A demon summoned by Nora and Trevor possesses Nora and tells Gary he will get his reward but he must meet with Lucifer first and say "yes" to his question, intending to hand over Sam's body to be used as Lucifer's vessel. Gary tries to exorcise the demon but it attacks him. Eventually, Gary and Dean team up and exorcise the demon together.

After Gary reverses the spell, Sam leaves him with a stern warning to stop using magic and that his life really isn't that bad. He also points out that Nora isn't interested in Satan, she's interested in Gary and he should pursue a relationship with her. Sam later admits privately to Dean that Gary's life really does suck.


  • According to his mother, Gary has an "ear for languages."
  • Gary's dad's plan for his son includes the "S.A.T.s, M.I.T.", being an engineer, and getting a full ride scholarship.