George Phelps

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Name George Phelps
Actor Paul Jarrett
Dates  ???? - 2005 (killed by the Airplane Demon)
Occupation Dentist
Episode(s) 1.04 Phantom Traveler


George Phelps was a dentist, and a nervous flier who was possessed by a demon.


The demon taking possession of George Phelps.

1.04 Phantom Traveler

A visible nervous George Phelps is seen waiting for his flight to board, he checks his ticket and enters the bathroom. While he is leaning over the sink, splashing water on his face. Noticing his nervousness another flier strikes up a conversation with him, telling to not worry about dying in a plane crash. As he man leaves the bathroom, a cloud of black particles exits a vent, swirls around his head, and enters his eyes.

The demon possessed Phelps rakes his seat on the plane, after finding out from his seatmate that the plane has been in the air for forty minutes, Phelps gets up, squeezes past his neighbor, and heads to the back of the plane. When he reaches the rear exit, he grasps the release handle and turns to look at Max Jaffey, eyes black, then rips the door open. Phelps is sucked out, and the door flies off tearing half a wing off the plane, causing the plane to go down.