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Gertrude case.jpg
Name Gertrude "Gert" Case
Actor Ellen Geer
Location Sea Pines, Massachusetts
Episode(s) 3.06 Red Sky at Morning


Gertrude "Gert" Case is a 70-year-old woman and the aunt of Sheila Case, who was killed by the Sailor’s Ghost, after she sees the ghost ship the Espírito Santo.


3.06 Red Sky at Morning

When Sam and Dean are investigating the death of Sheila Case, they interview Gertrude about her niece's death. During the interview Gert believes the brothers to be working with a woman named Alex, who told Gert that they maybe dealing with a ghost ship. Gert later helps the Winchesters and Bela gain entry to the Sea Pines Maritime Museum where the Hand of Glory is being kept, not realizing Bela's true intent. While Dean and Bela go about stealing the Hand of Glory, Sam forced to keep Gert distracted by dancing with her, for which she becomes incredibly handsy with him.