Goofer Dust

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Goofer dust at George Darrow's door.

Goofer Dust

Used in old voodoo practice, it is a mixture of natural ingredients that can be used to cause harm, trouble or even kill. The word goofer comes from the Kikongo word "kufwa" which means "to die". As late as the 1930s, "goofering" was a regional synonym for voodooing, and the meaning of the term was broadened beyond spells of damage, illness and death to include love spells cast with a dominating intent.

Pad of Definitions (2.08 Crossroad Blues), Official Website


Often used synonymously with graveyard dirt, which is usually the primary ingredient along with snakeskin and sulfur, goofer dust is used to keep hellhounds at bay, as they won't cross it until the line or circle is broken. However, it has no effects on high ranking demons such as Lilith, who was able to open a door and break its barrier with no effort.


2.08 Crossroad Blues

Goofer dust. What, you boys think you know somethin' about somethin' but not Goofer dust? [...] Hoodoo. My grandma taught me. Keeps out demons.

George Darrow, 2.08 Crossroad Blues

Sam and Dean are first introduced to the use of goofer dust by George Darrow, who is using it to keep the hellhounds at bay while he finishes his final painting before his deal is up.

3.16 No Rest for the Wicked

When a hellhound finally comes to collect, Dean, Sam, and Ruby barricade themselves in an office in the Freemont home, where Dean lays down some goofer dust at the entrances.

8.14 Trial and Error

When a hellhound comes to collect on Ellie's and the Cassity family's deals, Dean places Ellie in in a circle of goofer dust while he attempts to kill the hellhound, and complete the first trial.

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