Gunner Lawless

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Name Gunner Lawless
Actor Aleks Paunovic
Dates  ???? - 2016 (killed by hellhounds)
Occupation Professional wrestler
Episode(s) 11.15 Beyond the Mat


In 2006, Gunner Lawless was desperate to win a wrestling championship title, so he summoned the crossroads demon, Duke, and made a deal for his soul in ten years in exchange for his championship title. As per their deal, Gunner won the title, but ended up losing it to another wrestler a week later. In 2016, with both the Darkness and Lucifer returned, Duke felt that it was "every demon for themselves" so he decided to collect souls for his own "nest egg." Instead of collecting Gunner's soul, he offered to call the hellhounds off of him if he helped him. Desperate to avoid Hell, Gunner accepted Duke's offer. Gunner began murdering people in each town his wrestling tour landed in, carving an ancient Sumerian symbol into their chests so that Duke could collect their souls.


11.15 Beyond the Mat