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Crossroads Demon Guy.jpg
Name Guy
Actor Leslie Odom Jr.
Location Hell
Occupation Crossroads Demon
Episode(s) 7.08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!


Guy is a friend of Becky Rosen she met on an erotic horror message board. He is a crossroads demon who is using a "loophole" in his clients' contracts to kill them off early and collect their souls. His work as an event planner, particularly with school reunions, means he has access to people at a time when they are keen to do anything to impress people.


7.08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!

Guy is secretly supplying Becky Rosen with a love potion to use on Sam Winchester. Meanwhile, Guy is making deals with other people in town, but instead of honoring the 10-year contract he is having them killed by his demon lackey, Jackson.

Guy's true identity is revealed when Becky tries to get more love potion out of him, only for the demon to start negotiating for her soul. He tells Becky that he will grant her 25 years and promises that no "pianos" will fall on her during that time, meaning he'll honor the deal. Becky doesn't accept at first but later returns and offers to seal the deal, but instead drops a lighter on a devils trap that had been stained into the carpet with alcohol.

Trapped, Guy is confronted by the Winchesters and a hunter named Garth. As Dean prepares to stab Guy with Ruby's knife, however, Jackson arrives and frees him. Together they attack the Winchesters but Becky sneaks up behind Jackson and kills him with the knife. Sam then throws the knife to Dean who holds it to Guy's throat.

Crowley then arrives and chastises the demon for breaking his deals as it threatens future investments. He bargains for the Guy's release however, by cancelling all the deals he made. Guy is then handed over to Crowley's custody and taken back to Hell to made an example of.