Hatchet Man

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Name David Yaeger / Hatchet Man
Actor Barry Nerling
Occupation Horror movie slasher
Episode(s) 14.04 Mint Condition

Killed in a prank gone wrong. Mechanic David Yaeger comes back every year on the day after Halloween. On All Saints' Day, Hatchet Man takes his revenge!

Dean Winchester and Dirk Winchell, 14.04 Mint Condition


Hatchet Man, aka David Yaeger, is the primary antagonist of the All Saints' Day horror film series. In the film series, a mechanic named David Yaeger is killed in a prank gone wrong, and comes back every year on the day after Halloween to take his revenge.

Yaegar is a Germanic name meaning hunter.

The film series is one of Dean Winchester's favorites. He tells Dirk Winchell he enjoys part five, The Search for David Yeager for being weird, but very bloody. But his favorite is the fourth film, Hatchet Man Lives.


14.04 Mint Condition