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Name Hayley
Actor Brooke Langton
Episode(s) 8.16 Remember the Titans


Hayley met Prometheus after she found him in an avalanche that was on a mountain somewhere in Europe. She was the only survivor of the group that was hiking the mountain until they encountered the avalanche. Since Prometheus didn't know his own name, Hayley gave him the name "Shane" and the pair ended up sleeping together after they got off the mountain. During the intimacy, Shane suffered a heart attack which came from the fact that he was cursed and Hayley fled after discovering that Shane came back to life.

Months later, Hayley found out that she was pregnant with Shane's son who she named Oliver and after discovering that he had the exact "same condition" as his father and went in search of him.


8.16 Remember the Titans

Hayley along with her son, Oliver visit Sam and Dean at their hotel. Hayley introduces Oliver and herself and tells them that they're after Shane after investigating the "zombie" reports. She is then allowed in to see Shane who is temporarily dead. She then explains her history with him to Sam and Dean and how she found him in the midst of an avalanche. After Prometheus re-animates, Hayley introduces him to Oliver and explains to him that he's his son.

Later on, Hayley bursts through the motel room that the boys are in and tells them that Oliver suffered a nasty fall. The boys deduce that Oliver has inherited his father's curse and after both of them have been taken to the Bunker, Sam and Dean explain to her who and what Shane is and what exactly has been happening to Oliver. Hayley is skeptical of their plans to summon Zeus especially after discovering that the journal of the hunter they are going by Drakopoulos ends abruptly, meaning he may not have survived his encounter with Zeus. However, desperate to save her son, Hayley goes along with it and helps Dean get the fulgurite for the spell by telling him that he can get it in a crystal shop rather than having to steal it as he thought he did.

After summoning Zeus, the negotiation between Zeus and Dean ends badly. Hayley, not wanting her son to be cursed anymore, helps Zeus escape, thinking that he'll lift the curse but Zeus instead uses the opportunity to torture Prometheus and prepares to kill Oliver to hurt Prometheus even more. Hayley watches horrified as Prometheus is repeatedly tortured while Zeus's daughter Artemis takes Sam and Dean outside to kill them.

As Zeus is about to kill Oliver, Artemis returns and threatens to kill Zeus with her bow, if he does not let everyone go free. She fires at Zeus, but he pulls Prometheus in front of the arrow and taunts him that he will put Oliver on the mountain. Prometheus shares a look with Hayley before pushing the arrow through himself and into Zeus, sacrificing himself to kill Zeus and save his son. Hayley and Artemis, both women who loved Prometheus, exchange a look before Artemis leaves with her father's body.

That night, Hayley and Dean burn Prometheus' body in the woods while Sam sits with Oliver, who is now free of his curse.