Henry Winchester (The Winchesters)

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For the character's history as he appeared in Supernatural, see Henry Winchester

Name Henry Winchester
Actor Gil McKinney
Dates  ???? – 1957 (killed by Joan Hopkins)
Occupation Men of Letters
Episode(s) 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters) (voice over)
1.07 Reflections

If you're reading this then I'm gone. I'm sorry I kept the truth from you John. There's a dangerous world out there and our family has fought that world for centuries. The answers to all your questions are at the address below. I love you and your mother always.

– Henry Winchester, 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)


Henry Winchester was a member of the Men of Letters, husband of Millie Winchester and father to John Winchester. He disappeared in 1957, two weeks after his birthday. At the time he had separated from Millie because he was worried about the impact that him being in the Men of Letters would have on her and John. In reality, he and the rest of the Men of Letters were killed by Joan Hopkins for stopping the Akrida invasion in 1957.

Prior to his death, Henry planted jasmine outside Millie's garage and hid the stone that could recharge the Ostium there.


1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)

John receives a letter from Henry, written in case of his death that directed John to the Men of Letters Clubhouse, which Henry tells in the letter that John can find all the answers to his questions about at the address.

1.02 Teach Your Children Well

Ada Monroe pays a visit to Millie Winchester at her garage to talk about John. She tells Millie that she only worked with Henry, but that she could see that John was "open" in ways that Henry never was, which she suspects John gets from Millie. Before leaving, Ada notices a vine growing up the side of Winchesters Garage, Millie tells her Henry planted it years ago, but didn't know the plant or how it keeps growing. Ada reveals that it is jasmine, and used for protection.

1.05 Legend of a Mind

John reveals to Mary that the motorcycle he is working on a was a birthday gift to Henry from Millie, and that Henry went missing two weeks after his birthday.

1.07 Reflections

Ada finds notes on the Ostium at an abandoned Men of Letters office which was written in shorthand by Henry. The Monster Club enlists Millie's help to read Henry's handwriting before performing a seance in an attempt to summon him. Henry's ghost appears to John and, along with getting to say a final goodbye to his family, directs his son on where he can find a piece of the Ostium's power source that Henry had hidden so that it can be recharged.

1.08 Hang On to Your Life

In the background of one of Samuel's pictures, John spots the man who gave him Henry's letter and the key to the Men of Letters Clubhouse. Although neither John nor Mary recognizes the man, it's revealed that Dean Winchester was the one who delivered Henry's letter to John.

1.09 Cast Your Fate to the Wind

Henry's name is on a list of Men of Letters in the clubhouse locker room.

1.10 Suspicious Minds

After meeting Jack Wilcox, John asks if he knew Henry, but the man claims not to have. Later, John and Mary discover that Jack was kicked out of the Men of Letters after Henry had exposed him for illegal human experimentation.

1.13 Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye

Joan Hopkins, who is the Akrida Queen, reveals to John that she had used every bit of power she had left to kill Henry and the other Men of Letters following their defeat of the Akrida invasion in 1957. Dean also reveals that he had given John Henry's letter, against Jack Kline's rule of no interference, to nudge the Monster Club along due to the threat that the Akrida posed to his own world and Sam in particular.


  • It's never revealed how Dean actually got Henry's letter and he simply tells Bobby Singer that it was meant for John.