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Name Hester
Actor Emily Holmes
Dates Before humanity – 2012 (killed by Meg)
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 7.21 Reading Is Fundamental


Hester was an angel from Castiel's old garrison. Hester was shown to be unusually volatile for an angel, displaying flashes of anger and emotional instability. This was most apparent while she was attacking Castiel, where Hester appears to be overwhelmed by the current conditions she and the other angels found themselves in after the Apocalypse.


7.21 Reading Is Fundamental

Hester descends to Earth alongside Inias to secure the new prophet, Kevin Tran, only to find him being guarded by Meg. Hester slams the demon against a wall out of disgust. Meg retaliates by slicing Inias' hand with an angel blade, outraging Hester. Castiel appears and attempts to calm his former comrades.

Inias is glad to see his old captain again, but Hester becomes aggressive when she realizes Castiel has lost his mind; the result of absorbing Sam's torment. Before they can seize Kevin, however, Dean uses an Enochian angel-banishing sigil to send the angels away.

Hester later appears at Rufus's cabin with Inias and other unnamed angels for backup. Inias seeks a peaceful resolution but Hester loses her temper and beats Castiel before threatening him with her blade. Inias begs her to spare Castiel, stating that they've lost enough angels already, but she tries to kill Castiel with an angel blade regardless. Before she can, however, Meg stabs Hester from behind with an angel blade of her own, killing Hester and saving Castiel.