How To Speak Winchester

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How To Speak Winchester is a song written by Elizabeth Smart, who also wrote The Castiel Song.

You can listen to it here It is also available for download here

'How To Speak Winchester'


We gotta talk, Dean;
don't walk away.
You've only a few months left,
and there are things I gotta say.

I know you're scared, Dean,
and that's okay.
But pretending that you're fine
won't keep the hell hounds at bay.

So you gotta drop the act, just drop this show.
You gotta teach me every little thing you know.
Cause I gotta fight this war alone once you go.
And I need for you to do this, cause deep down you know.


It's cause we're brothers.
You're Dean, I'm Sam.
It's cause I rely on you these days
to show me who I am.

It's cause I've got your back,
and you've got mine.
It's cause I know you're lying
when you tell me that you're fine.
'Cause you're there for me the way Dad never was.
So if you wanna know why,
It's cause, just cause.


We're not just vessels for them to use.
Whatever we've got between us is what they want to abuse.
But we are stronger, yes we can choose.
And I need you here with me because it's you I can't lose.

So let's prove to them we're stronger than we've shown.
Cause I'd rather be together than alone.
I believe in you now that we're all grown.
Cause at the end of the day, I think I've always know.


It's cause we're brothers.
You're Sam, I'm Dean.
It's cause when I call you a bitch you know just what I mean.
It's cause we're family, deeper than bone.
It's cause wherever you are is where I'm most at home.
Cause you look up to me the way no one else does.
So if you ask me why,
It's cause, just cause.


So you just dropped in out of the sky.
I don't care if you were desperate, that's no reason to lie.
You're a frickin' child, Cas.
Do you know why?
I was always there to help you all you had to do was try.

So you gotta put an end to all this demon play.
'Cause we can fix it, man, we'll find a way.
And I know I should have told you every day.
And it might be too late, but still I have to say.


It's cause we're brothers.
I'm Dean, you're Cas.
It's my responsibility to kick you in the ass.
It's cause you always come when I call.
It's cause I'd catch you if you're ever to fall.
So whatever this deal with Crowley was,
I'm asking you to stop now,
Cause, just cause.

It's cause we're brothers, until the end.
No matter what's up ahead, know you were always my friend.
It's cause you always come back to me.
I may not believe much in God, but I believe in family.
And you might say it doesn't matter, but it does.
Cause when I wanna say I love you,

I say cause, just cause.

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