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Name Inias
Actor Adrian Glynn McMorran
Dates Before humanity
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 7.21 Reading Is Fundamental


Inias is an angel from Castiel's old garrison.


7.21 Reading Is Fundamental

Inias descends to Earth alongside Hester to secure the new prophet, Kevin Tran. He attacks the demon Meg who is harboring Kevin and Inias' former captain; Castiel. Meg retaliates by slicing Inias' hand with an angel blade, giving him and Hester pause. Castiel appears and attempts to calm his former comrades.

Inias is glad to see his old friend again, but Hester becomes aggressive when she realizes Castiel has lost his mind; the result of absorbing Sam's torment. Before they can seize Kevin, however, Dean uses an angel-banishing sigil to send the angels away.

Inias later appears at Rufus's cabin with Hester and other unnamed angels for backup. Inias seeks a peaceful resolution, but Hester loses her temper and beats Castiel before threatening him with her blade. Inias begs her to spare Castiel, stating that they've lost enough angels already.

Hester is then killed by Meg and the Winchesters allow Inias and the angels to take Kevin once he has deciphered the stone tablet containing the Word of God. Inias asks Castiel to join them, but the fallen angel politely declines.

Inias then leaves with Kevin, but is not seen with the other two angels when they visit Kevin's mother and are subsequently killed by Edgar who is waiting there disguised as a police detective.

7.23 Survival of the Fittest

Castiel explains that the entire garrison was killed by Leviathans when Kevin was kidnapped. Any surviving members would be in hiding, possibly including Inias.


Inias in Lore

Inias is one of the angels who were officially removed from the list of honored angels recognized by the Christian Church at the council in Rome in 745. The list of angels was listed by the Church officials to counter what they feared was altogether unwholesome obsession concerning the angels in the popular thinking of the time. Inias was joined in disgrace by Uriel, Sabaoc, Tubuel, Raquel and Simiel. The legend is told however that Inias responded quite poorly to the actions of the council and became an enemy of the faith.