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Name Isabella
Actor Catherine Michaud
Dates  ???? – 1520 (burned at the stake)
1520 – 2015 (spirit laid to rest by Sam Winchester)
Location Worcester, Massachusetts
Occupation Nun
Vengeful Spirit
Episode(s) 10.16 Paint It Black


Isabella was a muse for a painter named Piero Mutti in Florence, Italy in 1520. Isabella soon fell in love with Piero, however he did not reciprocate her feelings of romantic love. The despair from her rejection eventually lead to her father forcing her to enter the convent and become a nun in hope that she would find peace. However, all it did was turn her love for Piero into hatred, and one night Isabella snuck out to confront Piero and destroy his paintings. When she arrived at his studio, she found Piero making love to a new muse, and flew into a rage, disemboweling him with a knife. Piero's death was deemed so horrific that Isabella was convicted of witchcraft and sentenced to burn at the stake.

In 2015, her and her family's belongings were shipped to St. Philomena's Church in Worcester, Massachusetts where her spirit began possessing and gutting men who had confessed to being unfaithful.


Isabella posing for Piero's portrait of her in 1520.

10.16 Paint It Black

Since arriving at St. Philomena's, Isabella has spent her time speaking with Sister Mathias about her life. Unbeknownst to Sister Mathias, Isabella has been possessing and attacking people who have confessed to being unfaithful. Isabella possesses a man by the name of Terry Sloan as he exits the confessional booth. Before they leave the church, Isabella has Terry pick up a candle stick and, once outside the church, Isabella forces him to stab and disembowel himself.

During this time, Isabella begins telling her story of the time she served as a muse for an artist in Florence, Italy—Piero Mutti—and how much she loved him to Sister Mathias. Isabella then moves on to Frank McCarthy. However, she chooses to possess his wife, who disembowels him with a pair of scissors in their kitchen. Isabella quickly vacates the body soon after.

As the bodies pile up, Dean Winchester comes up with the plan to take confession to try and lure whoever or whatever is committing these murders. As expected, Isabella is listening in to his confession, where Dean admits to being unfaithful. However, Isabella takes possession of and disembowels Father Delaney instead, as she wants to punish him for giving Dean absolution.

Eventually, Sister Mathias learns the truth that Isabella killed Piero in a jealous rage, and was burned at the stake. She then comes clean to the Winchesters about her knowledge that Isabella is a ghost and, while Sam is searching through Isabella's belongings to try and find what is tethering her to this plane of existence, Dean and Sister Mathias go hunting for Isabella in the church. During the hunt, Sister Mathias is possessed by Isabella and attacks Dean. As she is strangling and trying to stab Dean, Sam learns from Isabella's journal that Isabella gave her blood and a piece of her finger to Piero to mix into the paint in his portrait of her. Sam is quickly able to locate the portrait and set it on fire, which causes Isabella to get ejected from Sister Mathias' body and burns away, her spirit laid to rest.