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Art by insanesongbird for Big Bang story set in 1899

An RPF AU, sometimes called a J2 AU is a fanfiction that uses characters based on real, rather than fictional, characters but in a setting removed from their real life, ie.e. an Alternate universe or AU

RPF AUs are by far the most popular form of RPF in Supernatural. These stories are essentially original fiction, where the major characters are named, and occasionally very loosely based, on real people. Popular RPF AU tropes feature Jared and Jensen or other The WB or CW actors when they were at high school or college, in vocations other than acting be it spies, hookers, or in space, in historical settings and in post-apocalyptic settings.


The spnnewsletter links to RPF fics across communities. A database of these links has been compiled at the Supernatural Fic Link Archive on delicious.

Another major repository of RPF fic links is in the memories at the community Supernatural_fic.

Recommended fics can be found at Rec communities

Fic challenges with a focus on RPF AU: