Jake Talley

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Name Jake Talley
Actor Aldis Hodge
Dates 1983 - 2007 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Power Superhuman strength
Mind control
Nursery fire No
Episodes 2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One
2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two

Hey Lady, do me a favor. Put that gun to your head. See that Ava girl was right. Once you give in to it, there's all sorts of new Jedi mind tricks you can learn.

– Jake Talley, 2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two


Jake is one of the Special Children. He was serving in the Army in Afghanistan when he started getting headaches. Then a Jeep rolled over a soldier and Jake lifted it off him. While others thought it a fluke, he later bench-pressed 800 pounds.


2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

Jake has been abducted by Azazel and brought to a ghost town in Cold Oak, South Dakota along with the other Special Children. After Sam tells the group they were kidnapped by a demon to be soldiers in a demon war, Jake decides to leave the group and go it on his own. While walking through the ghost town, he sees a young blonde girl standing inside one of the buildings. She stares at him through the door, then vanishes. Jake follows her, entering the abandoned schoolroom, he first hears giggling followed by screeching from the chalkboard. He turns to look at it, and the words “I will not kill” are written over and over again on the board. The girl appears in the room, laughing. Her nails grow to form claws, and her face contorts, before she can attack Sam suddenly enters the building, grabbing an iron poker and hitting the girl with it. She dissolves into a cloud of black smoke, which exits the schoolroom. The other three join Jake and Sam. Sam then gives everyone in the group a crash course in how to fight demons, telling them to find iron and salt.

When Ava suddenly goes missing, Jake and Sam split up to look for her with Jake searching the barn and hotel, while Sam takes the houses. Sam is able to find Ava, who has succumb to her psychic powers and has been controlling the Acheri demon, ordering it to kill the others. As a cloud of black smoke begins to seep through the window. Jake comes from behind Ava and twists her neck, killing her instantly, causing the Acheri demon to disappear. Jake then tells Sam that the Yellow-Eyed Demon came to him in a vision, and told him there can only be one left alive, and if they don't play by the rules, both will be killed. Jake tells him that, if he's the only one left he can get close enough to the Yellow-Eyed Demon to kill him, but Sam protests and tells him they have a better chance if they work together, however Jake is unsure if he can trust Sam. As an act of good faith, Sam puts his knife on the ground and Jake follows along, placing his weapon on the ground. Suddenly, Jake punches Sam, and with his super-strength Sam goes flying across the field and crashes onto the ground.

Jake approaches Sam who is lying on the ground and winded. As Jake suddenly makes a fast approach to kick Sam, Sam kicks out himself; the two exchange blows with Sam on the ground, who then leverages himself up. Each land multiple blows; one blow hits Sam's right arm and shoulder with a bone-crunching sound, knocking him down again. He gets up quickly although clearly in pain. Jake approaches and swings at Sam, but Sam ducks out of the way and Jake's punch goes through a wooden railing, temporarily holding him. Sam knees him several times, then kicks him down. As Jake lies there, winded, Sam picks up the iron bar that Jake was using and knocks him out. Sam approaches the unconscious Jake, and lifts the bar as if to strike -– he hesitates a moment, then tosses the bar to the ground.

When Dean and Bobby arrive, Jake suddenly wakes up. He grabs the knife that Sam had placed on the ground, sneaks up behind Sam and stabs him in the back. As Dean rushes towards his brother Jake twists the knife, creating a massive wound, before running away.

2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two

As Jake is sitting at a campsite, he begins to doze off, when suddenly the Yellow-Eyed Demon appears to him in a dream, telling him he is the winner. When Jake threatens to hunt down and kill the Yellow-Eyed Demon, but when the Yellow-Eyed Demon threatens his family, Jake becomes compliant.

The next day Jake pulls onto a backroad and parks his car in front of a railroad track. He gets out of the car and looks around. After a few moments, Jake turns around and sees the Yellow-Eyed Demon standing behind him. The Yellow-Eyed Demon tells Jake he's going to need to go to a cemetery, and open a crypt with the Colt. He tells Jake that the Colt is the only weapon in the universe that can kill him, and gladly hands it over to Jake, who promptly points it at the Yellow-Eyed Demon's head. However before Jake can kill him, the Yellow-Eyed Demon tells Jake he can kill him and go back to a normal life working in a factory, since the Army won't take him back for being AWOL, or he can open the crypt and live a life of wealth for him and his family for the rest of their lives. Which prompts Jake to lower the Colt.

Later that night, Jake arrives at Fossil Butte Cemetery, however Sam, Dean, Bobby and Ellen were already lying in wait. Jake then begins to exhibit new psychic abilities, forcing Ellen to hold her gun to her head, and forces the others to drop their guns. Jake then turns around and pulls the Colt out of his pocket. While he is inserting it into the crypt and unlocking it, Dean and Bobby grab Ellen before she can shoot herself just as Sam shoots Jake four times in the back. Jake falls onto the ground, still alive and pleading for his life, Sam approaches and shoots Jake three more times in the chest finally killing him.