James Turner

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Name James Turner
Actor Adrian Holmes
Location Buckhead, Georgia
Episode(s) 13.03 Patience
13.09 The Bad Place

Growing up with her, she was always on the road, hunting! I spent my entire childhood terrified of monsters, of losing her. I didn’t want that life for you, I... I didn’t want her encouraging-

– James Turner, 13.03 Patience


James Turner is the son of Missouri Moseley and father of Patience Turner. Growing up, James was always terrified of the monsters his mother would go off to hunt, but always believed in her. When his wife, Tess, became ill and died, James blamed Missouri and cut all ties with her on the pretense of protecting Patience from her influence.


13.03 Patience

After Missouri reads the room where her friend Dede was killed, she gets a vision of James dead. She calls James, who rightly guesses she had a vision, and hangs up on her. The next morning James sees his daughter Patience off to school while he works from his home office, somewhat concerned that Patience had a nightmare about Missouri.

James is soon visited by Dean Winchester and Jody Mills, who reveal his mother was killed by a wraith not long after he hung up on her after her warning to him. Later that night James and Patience have an argument regarding his estrangement from Missouri, and he is dismayed to learn that Patience has inherited his mother's psychic gifts. Realizing the wraith is coming for his daughter, James decides to run, telling Patience to go pack a bag. Dean, Jody, and James hear Patience scream and run up the stairs to her room, finding only an empty room with an open window. Having no luck in identifying the van that took Patience, James retrieves a wooden chest which he places on the table. He unlocks it and opens it to reveal various paraphernalia, including a picture of Missouri and a rough-hewn pouch with gems in it. He sets a map on the table, revealing that the gems are divination tools which James would use as a child to find his mother whenever he would get scared when she was on a hunt. The gems allow the three to locate Patience in an abandoned warehouse. After having a vision of the wraith killing everybody, Patience is able to direct James to duck at the right moment, preventing the wraith from impaling James in the throat with his spike.

After the wraith is killed, James and Patience return home where he suggests Patience put her abilities away and try to live a normal life.

13.09 The Bad Place

One evening James approaches Patience in her room about her C grade on her last test, telling her she could do much better and have her pick of colleges. Patience, apprehensive, tells James she has received messages from Dean Winchester asking for help. Confused, James asks her if she is still getting visions, only for Patience to deny anything has changed. Satisfied, he pats her on the shoulder and walks out of the room.

Later, as Patience is packing a bag, James questions her about missing school and learns Patience has had a vision and that they had never stopped. James admits he was wrong to lie about Patience's grandmother, but tells her if she chooses that life, she shouldn't come back.