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Name Jamie
Actor Melinda Sward
Location Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
Occupation Bartender
Episode(s) 4.05 Monster Movie


Jamie is a bartender at the local beer garden in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. She makes Dean work for her affections, turning him down the first few times he tries to pick her up. Her friend and fellow "bar wench" Lucy turns out to be a shapeshifter who has developed an obsession with her. The first time the shapeshifter tries to lure her away, she sprays him with mace and escapes while Dean tries to fight him. Afterward, she and Dean recuperate in the bar: when Dean tells her the truth about hunting, she responds by asking if it sucks, living from town to town, nightmare case to nightmare case.

When the shapeshifter drugs her and Dean and brings them back to his basement lair, he attempts to romance Jamie with a white gown and pizza. She is not impressed by his attempts to explain himself and his motivations. During the climactic battle, in which both Winchesters fail to defeat the shapeshifter, it is Jamie who fires Sam's gun, loaded with silver rounds, and kills their attacker.

The episode ends with Dean and Jamie kissing, perhaps indicating that she has deflowered a "rehymenated" Dean following his resurrection.


Jamie is named after fan called Jamie who wrote to Eric Kripke telling him how much she appreciated the show, and how it had helped her deal with her on-going illness.