Jeff Krause

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Jeff Krause.jpg
Name Jeff Krause
Actor Andy Stahl
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Occupation Lawyer
Episode(s) 2.07 The Usual Suspects


Jeff Krause worked in the Public Defender's Office and served as Sam and Dean's lawyer, who was constantly referred to as Matlock by both Winchesters.


2.07 The Usual Suspects

Jeff Krause was assigned as Sam and Dean's lawyer but never got a chance to defend them. What he was able to do to help Sam and Dean identify the anagram of Dana Shulps. He told Dean that it stood for Ashland Street, giving Dean the lead that he needed. Another job that he did was to relay messages back and forth between Sam and Dean, who were both in police custody at the time.

He was often seen being very confused over why Sam and Dean seem to care so little about being in custody.