Jefferson Starships

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Jefferson Starship.png
Jefferson Starships
Powers and Abilities
Appearance Humanoid
Episode(s) 6.19 Mommy Dearest

Bobby: Well, congrats. You discovered it, you get to name it.
Dean: Jefferson Starships. Because they're horrible and hard to kill.

Bobby and Dean, 6.19 Mommy Dearest


The Jefferson Starships were the name Dean Winchester gave to the hybrid monsters that were being created by Eve in Grants Pass, Oregon. In order to create the perfect monster that could avoid detection, Eve began experimenting on the people of Grants Pass through hybridization of various monster traits.


As a hybrid monster, Jefferson Starships took on various traits of vampires, shapeshifters and wraiths.

Powers and abilities

  • Fangs – As with vampires, Jefferson Starships have a row of retractable fangs hidden in their gums.
  • Healing – Jefferson Starships appeared to have some regenerative abilities, as a newly infected Joe Ryan was able to be completely healed of his bite wound.
  • Infectious bite – A single bite from a Jefferson Starship would only take seconds to fully turn a human.
  • Shapeshifting – Like shapeshifters, they wee capable of taking on the form of anyone they chose.
  • Superhuman strength – The strength of Jefferson Starships far exceeded that of a human.
  • Wraith spike – Starships could produce a wraith spike from their wrists.


  • Angels – The power of angelic white light was capable of obliterating a room full of Jefferson Starships.
  • Decapitation – Removal of the head will kill them.
  • Demons – Demons were shown to be able to overpower, though how many it took was not known.
  • Heart removal – As shown by Crowley's demons ripping out the hearts of Joe and Ryan Silver, which killed the young Starships.
  • Retinal flare – Like shapeshifters, a Jefferson Starship can be spotted on film through retinal flares.
  • Silver – Any contact with silver would harm and not properly heal.


Eve's first failed attempt at creating a hybrid monster.

6.19 Mommy Dearest

In Grants Pass, Oregon, Eve is experimenting with creating hybrid monsters. She approaches a sports bar and as she passes Ed Bright and Marshall Todd, she infects Ed. Inside the bar, she infects a number of people who turn on the rest of the crowd.

When Dean, Sam, Bobby and Castiel arrive in town, they find that Ed Bright had attended a doctor—Dr. Silver—who had subsequently reported his illness to the Centers for Disease Control. At the surgery Dean and Castiel find Bright's decomposing body. At Bright's home, Dean and Sam find a roomful of dead bodies that all look like Ed Bright—obviously some form of shapeshifter. One is still alive—Ed's friend Marshall Todd—who tells them about the woman who passed them at the bar.

At the bar, they find everyone dead. On examination Dean finds they have strange attributes—one has vampire teeth, but the spike of a wraith. Dean dubs these hybrids Jefferson Starships. It appears some fever had killed them all.

Castiel, Bobby and Sam are taken hostage by monsters disguised as police—Sam detects them as they show retinal flare on video like shapeshifters do—but Dean rescues them. While the Cas and Bobby try and find Eve's location from one of the creatures, Sam and Dean take two orphaned boys—Joe and Ryan Silver—they find to relatives in nearby town for safety. After Sam and Dean leave, young Ryan attacks and converts Joe, and they kill their uncle.

On returning they track Eve to a diner, but she captures them. She morphs into Mary Winchester to emphasize that what she did was "a mother's love" and explains that her actions in rising from Purgatory, and mobilizing all the supernatural beings is in reaction to Crowley capturing and torturing "her children."
A Starship with vampire fangs and the spike of a wraith.
She speculates that Crowley is after the souls from Purgatory as together they would form a powerful weapon. Her plan is to turn all humans into monsters so that they go to Purgatory rather than Hell. She reveals she has built the perfect monster, one that will be undetected, and Sam and Dean have just helped release it into the world in the form of young Ryan Silver.

She asks Sam and Dean to help her find Crowley. They refuse and when she threatens to turn them, Dean taunts her until she bites him. Dean then reveals that he ingested some phoenix ash with a shot of whiskey, and Eve chokes and burns from the inside out before falling to the floor, dead. The Jefferson Starships in the diner attack all at once, but with Eve no longer suppressing Castiel's powers he releases a devastating blast of white light that kills all of them at once.

Returning to where they had taken Joe and Ryan Silver; Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel find the uncle dead, and the boys as well—apparently at the hands of a demon.


Jefferson Starship's 1976 Album Spitfire