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Name Jenny
Actor Kristin Richardson
Location Lawrence, Kansas
Episode(s) 1.09 Home


Jenny is the mother of Sari and Ritchie. She moved to Lawrence, Kansas from Wichita in order to get a fresh start.


1.09 Home

When Jenny moves herself and her children to the house in Lawrence, previously owned by the Winchesters, it is soon discovered to have a lot of issues; flickering lights, coldness and scratching noises are constant in the home. When Sam and Dean show up on her doorstep along with psychic Missouri Mosely it becomes clear that the house problems are caused by more than just rats and bad wiring. A poltergeist inhabits the place and Jenny agrees to take her children to the movies while Sam, Dean and Missouri handle the problem.

Believing the house to be safe Jenny and the children return home, but it turns out that the place hasn’t been rid of spirit activity. A burning figure appears in Sari’s room and Sam and Dean rush in to bring the family to safety. The burning figure turns out to be the spirit of Mary Winchester and the house is emptied of supernatural activity when Mary’s spirit and the poltergeist cancel each other out.