Jerry Panowski

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Name Jerry Panowski
Actor Brian Markinson
Location Catasauqua, Pennsylvania
Occupation Air traffic controller
Episode(s) 1.04 Phantom Traveler


Jerry works at an airport in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, and his friend Chuck Lambert was piloting flight 2485 when the plane crashed. Dean and John helped Jerry with a poltergeist in the past.


1.04 Phantom Traveler

After the crash of United Britannia Airlines flight 2485, Jerry calls Dean for help after not being able to get a hold of John. When Sam and Dean arrive at the hangar, Jerry plays audio from the cockpit voice recorder for the brothers and tells them where the wreckage is located. After Sam and Dean were able to look at the plane wreckage, they bring back a yellow powder that was coated on parts of the plane, Jerry looks at it through a microscope and tells the boys that it is sulfur, before going to chew out an employee.

Jerry later calls Dean to tell him that his friend, the pilot of flight 2485, Chuck Lambert died in another plane crash. After looking at the crash, they once again find sulfur at the crash site and bring it to Jerry to confirm. When Sam and Dean finally put a stop to the demon causing the plane crashes, Jerry thanks the brothers, and before he leaves tells Dean that John's voice mail directed to call Dean, when Dean questions how he got his cell number.