Joan Hopkins

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Name Joan Hopkins
Actor Kelly Sullivan
Dates June 11, 1673 – 1972 (killed by Mary Campbell)
Location Lawrence, Kansas
Occupation Hunter (formerly)
Akrida Queen
Episode(s) 1.07 Reflections (silhouette)
1.13 Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye


Joan Hopkins was a hunter, from a long line of hunters, that claimed to have hunted long before the Campbells. After losing her family and loved ones through hunting, Joan wanted out of the life. Eventually she would come to realize that monsters were not the problem, rather it was humanity, whom despite the sacrifices hunters made to protect people from monsters, humanity would just waste their second chances through killing each other and destroying the planet. Joan would became obsessed with protecting hunters, that she believed the only way to do that was to wipe out everyone who needed saving. Through consuming the essences of monsters, Joan soon went mad from the power, forcing hunters she wanted to protect to team up with the Men of Letters and banished her from their world.

This banishment would backfire, as Joan would be sent to the Akrida, creatures created by an angry God to act as a fail-safe to wipe all creation in all universe should He be bested. With Joan's arrival, the Akrida were given purpose and salvation, and made Joan their Queen to lead them in freeing every world from the tyranny of mankind. As the Akrida Queen, Joan led a number of invasions of her universe over the centuries, but they were repelled each time by the Men of Letters using the Ostium. After their defeat in 1957, Joan and several Akrida managed to avoid banishment, Using every ounce of power that she had left, Joan killed all of the Men of Letters, but was left in a weakened state and went into hiding underground.

In 1972, Joan and the Akrida became active again, preparing for another invasion. Under the leadership of an Akrida possessing Rockin' Roxy, Joan's followers began gathering monster essences, in particular rare ones, to restore her strength to attempt another invasion, this time unimpeded by the Men of Letters. While detouring through the Multiverse on his way through Heaven, Dean Winchester became aware of Joan and the Akrida and began acting to stop them.


Joan attempts to open a portal as the Impala barrels toward her.

Powers and abilities

  • Immortality – Due to consuming monster essences, Joan had effectively become immortal and unkillable by any conventional human weapons. Being long lived had also made Joan an expert combatant, and was shown to excel at both hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting.
  • Conjuration – Joan was capable of producing a sword from thin air.
  • Portal creation – With enough power, and the right alignment of planets, Joan was able to open a poral to the Akrida home world.
  • Superhuman strength – Joan was able to strangle Lata in the air with one hand.
  • Telekinesis – Joan was able to throw John around with just a hand gesture.
  • Teleportation – Joan was able to teleport herself and a bar full of Akrida away with a snap of her fingers.
  • Thermokinesis - With just a touch of her finger, Joan burned off Lata's anti-possession tattoo.


  • Magic – Soul-powered magic is capable of killing Joan. Magic was also used to banish Joan from the world centuries before.
  • Monster weaknesses – Due to being powered by monster essences, Joan is vulnerable to monster weaknesses such as silver. However, they can't kill her or cause her any lasting harm.
  • Ostium - Like the Akrida, Joan can be banished from the world by the Ostium.
  • Otherworldly objects – As the Impala is from another universe, it was capable of harming and killing Joan.


1.07 Reflections

Several Akrida puppets bring Joan the collected monster essence to restore her strength.

1.13 Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye

As the time comes for Joan to open her portal, she contacts Samuel Campbell, identifying herself as a fellow hunter with information on the Akrida. Once the Campbells and John Winchester arrive, Joan reveals that she banished Dean and his car into a portal that will tear them apart and exposes herself as the Akrida Queen. Much to the surprise of the hunters, Joan reveals that she is not an Akrida, but a former hunter and she offers them the chance to join her before teleporting away.

Joan invades the Men of Letters Clubhouse as Mary finds information on her in the Campbell family's history. Joan reveals her past to Lata and tries to convince Lata to join her, burning off her anti-possession tattoo and allowing an Akrida to possess her. She then destroys the Aquarian Stars around the Clubhouse as they are powering a spell that the Men of Letters had cast that is blocking Joan from successfully opening her portal.

At midnight, Joan begins opening her portal, but she is confronted by John, Carlos Cervantez and Samuel. Joan summons several Akrida to fight Carlos and Samuel while she sword fights John personally, eventually revealing that she was the one who had destroyed the Men of Letters and killed John's father. Having brought the Impala back from where Joan had banished it using the Ostium, Mary hits Joan with the Impala, killing her as the car is from another universe and thus she is vulnerable to it. Just before exploding into dust, Joan opens a portal behind her that Mary drives through. With Joan dead, all of the Akrida perish as well before Mary is returned by Dean who had survived Joan's attempt on his life as Dean is already dead.