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Dean and John in 1.16 Shadow
Dean and Demon!John in 1.22 Devil's Trap

John/Dean slash fanfiction pairs the characters John Winchester and Dean Winchester in a romantic and/or sexual relationship. It is colloquially referred to as Daddycest.

Brief overview

John/Dean stories had been written prior to the airing of 1.22 Devil's Trap but the pairing became more popular after due to the chemistry between Dean and the possessed John.

Writers tend to focus on Dean's devotion and obedience to his father, combined with John's inability to express his emotions. Stories range from those focusing on the eroticism of the power dynamic, through to those where the relationship is purely abusive.

The John/Dean pairing is a lot less common than Sam/Dean mainly because many people do not like reading stories around intergenerational incest - the power imbalance is difficult for some people to get past. For others, of course, it's a positive advantage.

Additionally there simply isn't as much canon. While the boys' relationship with John is an important theme of the show, he's made relatively few appearances. John Winchester also isn't necessarily the most popular character in Supernatural, with some fans seeing him as an abusive father. Also some people don't find John Winchester attractive, but there's obviously something wrong with them.

During the LJ Strikethrough 2007, when there was concern over journals and communities containing incestuous material being deleted, the main Fanfiction community for John-centric incest fic, called "Daddycest" was moved from Livejournal to Journalfen on 15 August 2007. The community became inactive by the end of 2007. John/Dean fic continued to be posted on other fic communities on Livejournal.

Subsequent meetings of Dean and with a younger John in the flashback episodes 4.03 In the Beginning and 5.13 The Song Remains the Same prompted a new incarnation of the pairing.

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See fic headers for warnings and ratings.

This list was started in 2006, when fandom was small. Obviously the number of fics in these categories now is huge. To find more recent examples visit the links above or see : Rec Communities.

Feel free to add your fic to the list!

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John/Dean AU

AU (Alternate Universe) wherein John and Dean are unrelated or located in a different setting. Feel free to add your fic to the list! In alphabetical order:

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