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John/Sam slash fanfiction pairs the characters John Winchester and Sam Winchester in a romantic or sexual dynamic. This pairing is more frequently shown in a negative or abusive light than other pairings, including John/Dean.

See also Daddycest


See fic headers for warnings and ratings.

This list was started in 2006, when fandom was small. Obviously the number of fics in these categories now is huge. To find more recent examples visit the links above or see : Rec Communities.


2006-04-27 - And It's You When I Look In The Mirror by Laminy

2006-06-29 - I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Laminy

2006-07-03 - Caring is Creepy by Laminy

2006-08-12 - Reparation by Hallucinogenia (underage)

2006-10-11 - Replacement by Carla Jane (John/OMC, John/Sam one-sided UST)

2006-10-31 - Pucker Up For Heaven's Sake (There's Never Been So Much At Stake) by Laminy

2006-12-24 - Don't Know Where I'll Be Tomorrow by gelasius

2007-06-06 - Slouching Toward Bethlehem I - The Eighth Deadly Sin by Morgan )O( ('In my Time of Dying' AU series)

2007-07-03 - Red by Raelin (underaged non-con)


See: John/Dean,John/Dean/Sam


  • daddycest - Journalfen community for John/Dean, John/Sam and John/Dean/Sam fic. The LJ community of the same name was deleted 15/08/07 and all archived entries should be moved to the new JF account.
  • papawinchester - John-centric Livejournal community. Slash is locked for members only.