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Name Josephine Barnes
Actor Megan Danso
Dates 1996 (born)
Location Conway Springs, Kansas
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 8.18 Freaks and Geeks


Josephine's mother, brother and sister were killed by Seth the vampire. She is taken in by Victor Rogers, along with Aidan and Krissy Chambers. Josephine is an All-State athlete and National Merit scholar.


8.18 Freaks and Geeks

Krissy and Aidan pretend to be a couple that are trying to make out at a local make-out spot in Conway Springs, Kansas. As planned, a vampire attacks them and Aidan decapitates it from behind and confirms that it was the one that killed his family. Unknown to them, they are caught on a nearby security camera and the cops start looking for them until Dean gets them to call off the search.

Krissy checks into a motel, bribing the clerk to accept her fake ID and meets with Aidan and Josephine about Jimmy Day, the vampire that they believe killed Josephine's family. Aidan flirts with her, but Krissy rejects his advances, claiming to have a boyfriend in Canada that she talks to on Skype. Using ATM footage, they have tracked Jimmy to that motel and Krissy watches through cameras as Aidan and Josephine travel to Jimmy's motel room. When two men break in, Krissy holds them at gunpoint and is shocked to see that it is Sam and Dean and that they tracked her down. Seeing that Aidan and Josephine are in trouble, Krissy, Sam and Dean rush to their aid and when Jimmy runs, Krissy takes him down with a dart loaded with dead man's blood. After helping Sam free Connie, Josephine prepares to execute Jimmy. He claims to be innocent, but Josephine kills him.

At Victor's house, Krissy introduces Sam and Dean Winchester to Victor Rogers. The next day Victor pulls them out early and shows them a picture of the vampire that he says killed Krissy's father, which he said is proved as she is wearing Krissy's father's necklace. Krissy, Aidan and Josephine take off to hunt the vampire.

Arriving at the abandoned Conway Springs Lodge, the trio find Dean and the vampire and Krissy points a gun at him, insisting that she must be killed. However, Dean tells them that she is an innocent victim and something else is going on.

Returning to Victor's house, the group finds Sam tied up, Victor with Seth, who is a vampire. Sam and Dean reveal what they have figured out: Victor has had the vampire kill their families to drive them into hunting so he could train the next generation of hunters and having them get "revenge" by killing people who have just been turned and he has framed. When Krissy asks who the real killer is, the vampire informs her that he killed her father and enjoyed it. Victor disarms himself and tries to convince the group to keep going with him, but they refuse and he has the vampire take Aidan as a hostage so he can escape. Krissy shoots the vampire in the eye and chest with darts filled with dead man's blood. She then pulls a gun on Victor, threatening to kill him. Krissy decides that having Victor live a lonely life without them or any other family will be revenge enough, but he kills himself instead, using the gun she drops.

Later, as Aidan and Josephine give the cure to the victim they rescued, Krissy says goodbye to Sam and Dean - she will continue to live together with Aidan and Josephine. They are all minors, but Josephine will be eighteen and an adult soon.