Josh May

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Name Josh May
Actor Luke Camilleri
Dates  ???? – 2019 (killed by Andy May)
Location Black Forest, Colorado
Occupation Werewolf
Episode(s) 15.05 Proverbs 17:3


Josh and his brother Andy May were werewolves that lived in the woods of Black Forest, Colorado. Sometime after the death of their father, Josh began hunting humans, much to the protests of Andy.


15.05 Proverbs 17:3

Josh attacks Ashley Monroe and her friends while they're on a camping trip. He eats the hearts of her two friends, while his brother Andy chases down Ashley and attempts to intimidate her into telling no one the truth about the attack.

When Sam and Dean pay a visit to Andy and Josh's cabin to question them about the recent attacks, a nervous Andy tells the brothers that they go out in the woods at night, and offers to help. Before Sam and Dean leave, Sam asks Josh to write his number down. Noticing that Sam's pen is silver, he refuses, telling him they don't own a phone. After the Winchesters leave, Josh begins admonishing Andy for what he told them. Andy defends himself by saying he didn't know what to say, and wouldn't have had to say anything if Josh hadn't killed the girls. When Josh asks why he didn't eat Ashley's heart, Andy tells him he doesn't want to hunt people as it's not what their father would have wanted them to do, which angers Josh. Josh apologizes and promises Andy they won't hunt people anymore, which Andy doesn't believe. Josh assures his brother he isn't lying, but tells Andy they need to kill Ashley to tie up loose ends.

After getting Ashley back to their cabin, Andy tries to talk with Josh, telling him he doesn't like what they've become and it isn't who they are. Josh tells Andy it is exactly what they are and declares his intent to eat Ashley's heart. Before Josh can go through with killing Ashley, Sam and Dean arrive and the two leave her. As Sam and Dean are walking Ashley out of the cabin, Josh and Andy attack. In the ensuing fight, Andy is able to get Sam's gun and hold him at bay, while Josh wrestles with Dean. When Josh ignores Andy's pleas to stop, Andy fatally shoots Josh with a silver bullet.