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Name Jules
Actor Catherine Lough Haggquist
Location Lebanon, Kansas
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 14.03 The Scar


Jules is an Apocalypse World refugee and hunter who was sent on a hunt involving missing teenagers and dried-up husk bodies in Wichita, Kansas, which turned out to be caused by a witch. After killing the witch with a witch-killing bullet, Jules brings the lone survivor Lora to the Bunker after realizing she has been hexed with an aging spell.


14.03 The Scar

Jules arrives at the Bunker looking for help, explaining to Sam her recent hunt involving a witch and how Lora was the only survivor. She reveals that once the witch was killed, Lora's hand began rapidly aging. When Castiel is unable to heal her, he works with Jules to attempt a fix Lora. Using the White Magic Lexicon on Rowena's suggestion, Jules and Castiel perform a reversal spell which ends up accelerating the curse on Lora, leading to her death. When Jack realizes that a necklace is what was cursed, he has Jules and Castiel take him to the witch's body where he destroys the necklace and revives Lora, allowing Jules to return Lora to her mother.

14.13 Lebanon

Castiel and Jack are mentioned to be a hunt with Jules and her crew.