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Name Kat
Actor Brooke Nevin
Location Rockford, Illinois
Episode(s) 1.10 Asylum


Kat is in the asylum, after having been taken there on a "date" by boyfriend Gavin. Sam and Dean find her when she and Gavin are separated, and despite being scared, she insists on helping find Gavin. She gets trapped in a room with a ghost, which Sam works out is trying to communicate with her, not hurt her. It whispers "One thirty-seven" to her, which the boys deduce is a room number.

While Dean goes to find the room, Sam tries to lead the kids out, but finds they are trapped. He leaves Kat with a shotgun to protect them, and responds to a phone call he thinks is from Dean.

Kat and Gavin are safely escorted from the asylum after Dean salts and burns Dr. Ellicott's corpse.


  • John Shiban explains, that they didn't want to play to the cliche with the character of Kat, thus making her the one to be feisty: "Let's not make her the one who's screaming, useless and helpless, let's make it the guy."S1Com, p. 63

Kat in Fandom

  • Kat's feisty attitude made her a fandom favorite, with future fics featuring her becoming a hunter. This view was supported by the appearance on the Hunter's Blog of a blog for Kat, although it has no content, and there is no confirming evidence it is the same character.