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Name Catherine "Kate" Fox
Actor Jennifer Koenig
Dates March 20, 1837 – July 2, 1892
2011 (spirit laid to rest by Sam Winchester)
Location Lily Dale, New York
Occupation Psychic
Death Omen
Episode(s) 7.07 The Mentalists


Kate and with her sister Margaret, were among the founders of Lily Dale. She was a charismatic performer, although troubled in her personal life, reputed to have the power to levitate objects and foretell death.


7.07 The Mentalists

Angry that other, often fake, psychics are successful while he isn't, psychic Jimmy Tomorrow binds the ghost of Margaret Fox to kill them, targeting the headline acts at the town festival. Her sister Kate tries to warn the victims of their impending deaths. When Kate tries to warn Camille Thibideaux of her death, she is captured on a closed circuit video. Dean uses this to identify her in a picture at the Lily Dale museum. As he and Sam dig up her bones, she appears and pleads with them, "Why won't anyone listen to me?" just before they destroy her bones. After Camille is killed, Sam and Dean realize that she was not the killer.

The Real Kate Fox

Kate Fox was a real medium, one of three sisters: Kate, Margaret, and Leah.