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Kevin covers for Sam and Dean in 9.02 Devil May Care.

This is Kevin Tran's voicemail, please leave a message.

Kevin's voicemail, 7.21 Reading Is Fundamental

Kevin's cell phone first appears in 7.21 Reading Is Fundamental, when his girlfriend calls him as he's studying.

Kevin's Cell Phone in use

Season Seven

7.21 Reading Is Fundamental

  • Kevin's phone rings as he is playing cello. He stops a study timer and answers it. It's his girlfriend, Channing. They discuss college and exams. Kevin is worried about his test results and writing his college admission essay. His girlfriend tries to console him not to worry, because someday college won't matter anymore, but Kevin doesn't believe her and says she's out of her mind.
  • Kevin is on the floor in his room after being struck by lightning when Dean cracked open the tablet. His phone starts ringing. Unable to answer it, it goes to voicemail. It's his mother, telling him she knows he's taking his test, and he'll do great, but wanted to give him details on their arrival that evening. Kevin jumps up, seeing he's late for his test and starts packing to leave.
  • Kevin is driving when his girlfriend calls again. She immediately tells him off for not explaining where he was and why he missed the test. He tries to explain, but the power of being a prophet takes over and he tells her he must keep going. She tries to get more information from him, assuming he might have been kidnapped, but he hangs up.

Season Eight

Kevin explains the tablet to Dean in 8.23 Sacrifice.

8.14 Trial and Error

  • Kevin passes out after cracking the code on the demon tablet. We don't see him, but it appears he wakes up long enough to call Dean. He tells Dean to come quick, and the line goes dead.
  • Kevin calls Dean from Fizzles' Folly. He has helpful information from the tablets about hellhounds. He tells Dean how they can be seen. Dean spits up a quick plan, then Sam tells Kevin he's great and to rest, and Dean hangs up.

8.23 Sacrifice

  • Kevin is at the Bunker, on the phone with Dean, who asks about progress on the angel tablet. Dean gets distracted when Naomi shows up and Kevin calls out to him, then eavesdrops on the conversation. After Naomi leaves, Dean gets back on the phone and asks Kevin to weigh in. Kevin says he's not sure if she's lying. Dean hangs up on him and demands Castiel take him to Sam.

Season Nine

9.02 Devil May Care

  • Kevin is researching at the Bunker when Dean calls. Dean goes right into a dialogue indicating to Kevin he needs cover and to pretend to be their FBI supervisor. Kevin panics at first, but end’s up out smarting the sergeant by finding blackmail material on his computer. When she asks how he found it, he says the now infamous line, "'Cause I'm Kevin freakin' solo". Dean asks what he did, he admits to hacking a military server. Dean tells him good job and hangs up.

9.10 Road Trip

  • When Dean returns to the Bunker after giving Kevin a hunter's funeral, he finds Kevin's phone on the table. He picks it up and looks at a photo of Kevin and his mother Linda. Upset, he throws the phone and trashes the other things on the table.

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