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The most broad definition of a 'kink' is a particular sexual situation (eg jealous!Sam) or practice which is a turn-on. The list of kinks in fanfic is infinite and and creative.

Some of the sexual content of fannish works can often include material that would be considered obscene by some and in some cases even illegal, particularly material featuring characters not considered to be of the age of consent. This can cause issues with hosting websites, such as was seen during the LJ Strikethrough 2007. Communities focussing on what might be considered more "hardcore" material - such as torture, bestiality or non-consensual scenarios - often have locked membership.

Of course everything is relative, especially in a Supernatural fandom where consensual gay incest - Wincest - is commonplace.


The stories linked here may contain sexually explicit material. Stories will provide specific warnings, ratings and disclaimers in their header, please take the responsibility of paying attention to those.

Notes on contributing:

The following fics are examples of the different kink genres. It is open for editing and additions, just:

  • follow the existing format
  • sort by first posted date, i.e. the date of first posting for the first chapter of a serial
  • link to the posters journal or website if possible, rather than a community post.

This list was started in 2006, when fandom was small and has not been updated as the fandom has grown.

To find more recent examples visit Rec Communities or visit the biggest link archive of Supernatural fic visit the Supernatural Fic Link Archive.

Fanfic kink cliches

Cliches aren't always bad - these are more like well worn and popular tropes in fanfic.

Sex Pollen

2006-01-18 / unnamed sex pollen ficlet by ficbyzee

2006-03-05 / Tempt not a desperate man by elmo_loves_me

2006-05-17 / And All These Twisted Thoughts I See by poisontaster

Succubi Made Us Do It

2005-10-08 / Shell of Shotgun, Pint of Gin [Edit: Corrected name, was 'hippogryff fic'] by nilchance

2005-10-27 / Night Out by acostilow (Sam/Dean/OFC)

2005-11-10 / Such Sweet Ruin by scribblinlenore (kind-of succubi)

2005-12-17 / The Secret Life of Demons by Maya Tawi (Dean/OMC, no wincest)

2006-01-29 / The Rules Remain a Mystery by joyfulgirl41

2006-03-09 / You let me complicate you by trollprincess

2006-02-12 / Take It All Away by mona1347 (part 2 in a series)

2006-04-03 / A Succubus' Kiss by Kali (f-locked)

2006-04-21 / Come On Now, Bring It On by trollprincess

2006-08-04 / Suck You Dry by derryderrydown

2007-02-22 / Bad Blood by astolat

2007-12-08 / Succubus in hiding by alaerys

Curses Made Us Do It

2006-03-15 / Devil Driven by writings-from

2006-04-06 / Curses Foiled by vodou-blue

2006-04-14 / Crystal Blue Persuasion by wrenscribbles (also wing!fic)

2006-07-04 / Be Good by sanyin

2006-07-31 / Morning Light by Poisontaster

2006-09-13 / Galatea by Sanyin

2006-09-28 / El Camino Real (The King's Highway) by angstslashhope

2007-09-20 / All The Strangeness Of Fate by HalfshellVenus

2007-07-01 / Virgin Sacrific by rushlight75

2008-02-29 / The Look On Your Face Yanks My Neck On the Chain by onelittlesleep


2006-02-24 / I'm Not Touching You (And Other Annoying Games Little Brothers Play) by trollprincess

2006-05-21 / Gift by arby_m

2006-06-20 / Open Secrets 1 2 3 by meadowmines

2006-07-31 / There the Crevasse by monkiedude

2006-11-24 / Subconscious by Jinni

2006-11-26 / Intangible by Lexalot

Mystical Forces Made Us Do It

2005-10-30 / Factum Amoris by scribblinlenore

2005-12-01 / Mask of the Hart by olivia j.h.

2005-12-17 / Jericho, Inner Spaces, Taking Over Me by Aklani (angst, Dean/Sam-as-proxy-for-OMC)

2006-04-04 / Be Blessed and Be Cursed for Sure by Stone Princess (curse!fic? Sex-pollen?)

2006-05-04 / Sacrifice by beren

2009-02-26 / Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth by pandarus Demons make Dean and Castiel do it.

Fuck or Die

A sub-genre of the "whatever made us do it" fics, in these fics some situations mean its either have sex or die! 2007-10-20 / Fuckordie (Or, the Amazing Adventures of Jared and Jensen When Kidnapped By Fangirls) by unperfectwolf


2006-01-29 / The Rules Remain a Mystery by joyfulgirl41

2006-02-13 / Deep, Dark Sekrits by teh-no (gen)

2006-02-26 / Three First Times by anne-higgins

2006-04-07 / The Sorta-Virgin Sacrifice by anne-higgins

2006-04-18 / Virginity by neviditelny


2006-02-03 / Maybe by raconter

2006-05-04 / Sacrifice by beren

2006-11-17 / Something Dean Would NEVER Do by albydarned


2005-12-19 / rituale romanum I, rituale romanum II, the cure of souls, vespers, vade retro satana by traveller (AU)

2005-12-25 / Kyrie Eleison by ethrosdemon

2006-02-08 / Keep Saying It, It Might Come True by trollprincess

2006-02-09 / Bless me, Father by castalie

2006-02-09 / The Trinity Series by la-folle-allure

2006-02-10 / Confessions in a Cheap Motel by dopplegl

2006-12-18 / A Thing for Collars by phantisma

2008-08-25 / Two Odd Ducks (Mysterious Ways remix) by unknown (Gen)

Rent Boy / Prostitution / Hustling

2005-12-01 / Shouldn't Ever Have to Be This Hard by strone-princess (only minor)

2005-12-09 / Room & Board by Maygra

2006-01-18 / Room & Board Interlude (part 1) 2) by la-folle-allure

2005-12-12 / Don't ask, Don't tell by winterlive

2005-12-22 / Fumbling Toward Ecstasy by theyscreamofyou

2006-01-15 / Turn to Face the Strange Changes by Paperbkryter

2006-01-31 / Halo (In Reverse) by poisontaster

2006-03-30 / In The Water, I Am Beautiful by la-folle-allure

2006-04-05 / Illumination and Other Things That Go Bump In the Night by la-folle-allure

2006-04-05 / Born Every Minute by apetslife

2006-04-09 / When the Lights are Dim by lyssiebaby

2006-04-25 / This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed by la-folle-allure

2006-05-03 / Dean Winchester's Guide to Hitch-hiking by audrarose

2006-06-01 / Easy Money by wilwarin1

2006-07-22 / No Virtue Like It by derryderrydown

2006-08-06 / And Roads are Endless by laytoncolt

2006-08-08 / Californication by mona1347

2006-09-16 / Beautiful Things by Ellipsis Black (D/S/OMC)

2006-10-01 / You Tasted All My Purity by Ellipsis Black

2006-10-22 / Now There's Nothing Left to Waste by Ellipsis Black (sequel to You Tasted All My Purity)

2006-11-24 / What We Have To by PissedOffEskimo (Randi) (Dean/OMCs, pre-series, underage)

2007-01-10 / cut you up by follow-midnight

2007-02-16 / Letting Go by pixel

2007-03-01 / Reasoned Necessity by derryderrydown (sequel to No Virtue Like It)

2007-04-02 / It's a Mile from Here to Glory by ivy03

2008-03-18 / as if we'd never met by thatotherperv

2008-04-01 / And Shut Up About It by jadedpen

2008-04-23 / In My Brother's Keeping by poisontaster