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Powers and Abilities
  • Super strength
  • Stabbing the heart
Appearance Can take on human form, have claws and fox-like eyes.
Episode(s) 7.03 The Girl Next Door

Yeah, so, from what I can tell, it's something called a kitsune. They... look human... till they sprout out claws and stab you behind your ear to get to your brain.

– Young Sam Winchester, 7.03 The Girl Next Door


In 1998, Dean and John hunted one while leaving Sam alone where he encountered the daughter of the kitsune they were hunting. An encounter with a kitsune seems to be uncommon.


Kitsunes are human like in appearance, when they are prepared to attack, their eyes will become fox-like and will sprout claws from their hands. Kitsunes specifically feed on pituitary glands, they can survive on glands harvested from already dead bodies; but if they become ill, they will need to seek fresher sources.

Powers and abilities

  • Claws – Kitsune have long claws for greater offense, as well being their main means of harvesting the human pituitary gland from behind the ear.
  • Super strength – Kitsune are stronger and can easily overpower humans.


  • Piercing the heart – Stabbing it in the heart will kill it.
  • Starvation – Kitsune's can starve to death if they don't eat pituitary glands. For young kitsune, feeding on dead pituitary glands can come with the risk of sickness.


7.03 The Girl Next Door

Amy Pond and her mother are kitsune who travel around the country. They crossed paths with the Winchesters in Lincoln, Nebraska. Sam and Amy meet and immediately connect, only belatedly discovering that they are on opposite sides. When her mother attacks Sam, Amy kills her to protect him, knowing that she is a monster. A grateful Sam lets Amy escape.

In the present day, Amy has a young son, Jacob. She is working as a mortician under the alias "Amy Pond" to obtain the brains and pituitary glands they feed on. However, her son becomes sick, and only fresh brain matter will heal him. Amy kills three people, and her son is cured.

Sam sees details of the killings in a local paper, and examines the body of the latest victim – a heroin dealer who has had part of his brain removed.

Sam tracks Amy, and she pleads her case with him – this was an extraordinary situation, and she is trying to live a normal life. Remembering that she killed her mother to save him, Sam lets her live.

After Dean catches up with him, Sam reveals the whole story. Later, unbeknownst to Sam, Dean tracks Amy down and kills her. As she dies, her eyes appear like those of a fox – or a kitsune. Jacob witnesses the murder. Dean asks if the boy has someone he can go to, and Jacob says he does. Dean tells him if he ever kills anyone, he'll come after the boy. Jacob replies "The only person I'm going to kill – is you". Dean tells him to look him up in a few years to see if he's still alive by then and leaves.

10.17 Inside Man

Sam mentions that Rudy is working a kitsune case at a truck stop outside of Boise.

Kitsune in Lore

Kitsune are a type of supernatural fox in Japanese mythology. They are very clever and possess magical powers, as well as the ability to change into human form.