Kristen (Fan Fiction)

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Name Kristen
Actor Nina Winkler
Location Flint, Michigan
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 10.05 Fan Fiction


Kristen is a student at St. Alphonso's Academy in Flint, Michigan. She had been cast as "Castiel" and "Adam Milligan" in the Supernatural musical along with her girlfriend Siobhan Flannery who was cast as Dean Winchester.


10.05 Fan Fiction

In her high school's production of Supernatural: The Musical!, Kristen plays "Castiel". During rehearsals, she spends much time practicing the "Ass-butt!" line. Her girlfriend, Siobhan Flannery, is playing "Dean" and they presumably have some scenes together in Act II where the nature of Destiel is explored. Kristen performs a solo of "I'll Just Wait Here Then" during the play along with the cast ensemble performance of "Carry On Wayward Son" as "Adam Milligan".