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The Ladies of SPN Convention was held on May 13th - 14th 2016 at the Shoreline Conference Center of Shoreline, WA (USA).

It aimed to feature exclusively women guests, who are either members of the Cast, Crew or Fandom.

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Note: Nicki Aycox and Charmaine Clark had to cancel due to work commitments.


The twitter tag for this event is #SPNLadiesCon


Registration begins at 9:00 am
Doors open at 9:45am
Welcome Ceremony: 10-10:30am
Rachel Miner Spotlight: 10:45am
Brit Sheridan and Emily Perkins: 11:30am
Lunch Break 12:30pm
Lindsey McKeon Spotlight: 1:00pm
Lanette Ware and Carrie-Anne Fleming: 2:00pm
Ladies of Fan Fiction: 3:00pm
Autographs and Photo Ops: 4:15pm
End of Day 5:00pm
Benefit Concert! featuring Caitlin Obom, The Black Whisky Union, Nina Winkler, Vivien Armour, and more: 7:00pm-10:00pm

Registration begins at 9:00 am
Autographs: 10:00am
Doors open at 10:30am
Good Yogi Morning with Brit Sheridan and Lindsey McKeon: 11:00am -- Meet & Greet
Wayward Daughters' Kat Ramdeen (Spotlight): 11:00 am
Photo ops: 12:00pm
Trivia and Open Discussion will run in tandem from 12:00pm-12:30pm
Industry-Related Discussion featuring All The Ladies: 12:45pm
Panel Discussion (title TBA) with Lynn Zubernis of Fangasm!: 1:45pm
Rachel Miner Reprise: 2:45pm
DOTA2 Twitch with Kat Ramdeen/Q&A: 3:45pm
Makers Panel, Featuring Meg Kirkpatrick, Misty Figs Designs, Jamie Colacecchi, Sasha Reneau, and Caitlin Obom: 5:00pm
Silent Auction Winners Announcement: 6:15pm
Closing Ceremony: 7:00pm
Hunter's Helper Cocktail Party: 8:00pm -- Meet & Greet


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  • Signage: [1], by MistyFigs
  • Kat Ramdeen: [2], by Emily Lunde
  • Julia Maxwell: [3], by Fangasm SPN
  • Rachel Miner, Carrie Fleming & Julia Maxwell: [4], by Emily Lunde
  • Parking lot selfie: [5], by HeadcanonProductions
  • Vendor Petite Grey: [6], by Oregon SPN
  • Post concert: [7], by HeadcanonProductions
  • Rachel Miner: [8], by Fangasm SPN
  • Vendor room: [9], by Jamie Colacecchi