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Ladyheart was the name of '80s glam metal band fronted by Vince Vincente. Popular in the '80s, Ladyheart were a multi-platinum selling act, however as musucal taste would begin to shift in the '90s, Ladyheart's popularity began to wane, turning the band into a punchline. While the band eventually dissolved, Vince and Ladyheart drummer Tommy remained close friends, with Tommy remaining a drummer for Vince's solo projects.

In 2016, while on a solo tour performing in Cleveland, Vince was approached by Lucifer, who manipulated him into consenting to become his vessel by promising to reunite Vince with his deceased partner, Jen as well as healing his sister of paralysis. As Vince Vincente, Lucifer was able to pitch a reunion of the original Ladyheart line-up to Death Siren Records executive Russell Lemmons.

However, on the night of the first Ladyheart reunion show, Lucifer murdered all the band members, declaring his intent to go "solo" and sought to have everyone in the venue that night shed blood for him. With the arrival of Sam and Dean Winchester along with Crowley and Castiel, Lucifer's plans were thwarted, forcing him to flee Vince's decaying vessel, leaving the singer to rot away after dispossessing him.


  • Sam Winchester was a fan of Ladyheart and Vince Vincente. Along with Bon Jovi, this revelation gives further insight into Sam's musical tastes leaning more towards '80s glam metal/rock.

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