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Promo shot for Lauren Cohan in Supernatural

Lauren Cohan plays Bela Talbot on Supernatural. Born in the United States, Lauren was raised in the UK, where she studied Drama and English at Winchester University.


Lauren in Fandom

  • Bring Back Bela

Shortly after her possible death on the show, fans started an online petition in hopes of bringing Lauren Cohan back on the show as Bela Talbot: Bring Back Bela Petition. The poorly advertised petition failed, reaching half its goal of 1,000.

Several petitioners commented that Bela polarized the fans base into lovers and haters of her, which is the sign of a successful villain worth remembering. Bela was the opposite of most of the villains in Supernatural, because she was just a normal human in it for herself and not motivated by evil. Bela was neutral, motivated by greed, mischief and sexual attraction to the main characters. For example, Bella ends Bad Day at Black Rock by stealing Dean's winning lottery tickets. She beeps her horn in triumph at stealing the consolation prize, making Sam and Dean look like chumps while her car disappears in a cloud of dust.

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