Lee Baxter

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Name Lee Baxter
Actor Andrew Francis
Location Junction City, Kansas
Occupation Janitor
Episode(s) 7.18 Party On, Garth


Lee is a janitor at the Midwestern Brewing Company.


7.18 Party On, Garth

Lee is late for work one day which earns him a lecture from one of his bosses, Randy Baxter. Randy tells him that his punishment is working the graveyard shift and he'll be fired if he's late.

Meanwhile, after figuring out a shojo is killing the children of the owners of Midwestern Brewing Company, Garth works out that Lee's mother used to be Randy Baxter's secretary. Randy confesses to having had an affair with her, but that it didn't end well and she made him swear never to tell Lee.

Garth gets drunk and rushes to the brewery where Lee is working and sees the shojo watching him. Since Lee isn't drunk, he can't see the shojo himself. Garth swoops in and grabs Lee, leading him away from the shojo. Lee is confused and hostile until Garth swiftly explains, "Baxter is your father. Baxter screwed Dale. Dale roped this Japanese monster you can only see when you're drunk, and now it's here to kill you."

Lee doesn't believe there's anything after him until Garth gets knocked unconscious, and he starts running. Luckily, he bumps into Sam and Dean who fight off the shojo until Sam too gets knocked out. Eventually, Dean manages to kill the shojo.