Lee Webb

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Name Lee Webb
Actor Christian Kane
Dates  ???? – December 6, 2019 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Texhoma, Texas
Occupation Hunter (formerly)
Owner of Swayze's Bar
Episode(s) 15.07 Last Call


Lee Webb was a hunter and former friend of Dean Winchester. Lee began going on hunts with Dean and John sometime after Sam left for Stanford, and eventually earned a level of respect from John Winchester for his fighting ability.

After a particularly bad hunt with Dean in Arizona involving cultists, Lee lost his taste for hunting due to what he saw. While on his final hunt near Texhoma, Texas, Lee captured a marid. As long as it was kept fed with human blood, the marid gave Lee riches and health, allowing him to purchase Swayze's Bar and make it his own.


15.07 Last Call

Soon after arriving at Swayze's Bar, Dean is surprised to find that Lee is the owner and the two old friends go off to reminisce. Sitting at the bar, Lee is sad to learn of John Winchester's passing 13 years ago, and tells Dean he always liked the "crusty old bastard". Dean in turn tells Lee that John always liked him too, telling Lee his dad always thought he was a good hand to have in a fight. Dean and Lee continue talking about the good ol' days along with Lorna, who learns of their drunken time with triplets.

While Dean tells Lee what he's been up to, Lee asks Dean what case he's working on that brought him to his bar. Dean shows him a picture of Angela Sullivan, whom Lee says he doesn't recognize until Lorna tells him she is a friend of a regular, Sally Anderson. Lee asks Dean why he is worried about a missing persons case, then tells Dean he needs a break. As he stands up from the table he asks Dean if he remembers the song John used to play for them before a hunt, and much to Dean's chagrin, Lee has the band start playing "Good Ol' Boys." He invites a reluctant Dean on stage, who joins in with Lee to sing the song to a standing ovation. After the song is finished, Dean and Lee notice a disturbance across the bar, and intervene when a couple of men are harassing Sally Anderson. When they refuse to leave quietly, Lee and Dean throw the men through the windows of the bar. After last call, Lee sweeps up the bar while Dean questions Sally. Lee offers to help Dean out on the case after he locks up, suggesting they check the lake for the car. Lorna, however, tells them to check Merle's wrecking yard. Dean suggests Lee check the lake, while he goes to the wrecking yard.

In the early morning, Dean quickly locates Angela Sullivan's car with her drained body in the trunk. Lee suddenly appears behind Dean with his gun and knocks him out. Lee takes Dean's unconscious body to the basement of Swayze's, where he ties him to a chair and hooks an IV drip to Dean's arm. When Dean comes to, Lee explains how he captured the marid on his final hunt. As long as he keeps the marid fed, it provides him with riches and good health, which allowed him to quit hunting. Lee apologizes to his old friend as he begins the slow process of draining Dean's blood to feed the marid, and he leaves.

Lee tidies up the place, calmly ignoring the marid's growling noises, until it shrieks and something thumps its way up the stairs behind a door. Lee draws his gun and watches the door swing open. The marid's head comes rolling across the floor, before Dean strolls out. Lee aims and tries to shoot Dean, who dives down behind the bar and finds a shotgun and returns fire. After a short fire fight, the two realize they are empty. Lee tries to compliment Dean, but Dean shuts him down, telling him he can't act like they are friends. When Lee suggests Dean just walks out the door like nothing happened, Dean refuses, telling Lee he kills monsters. The two throw down in a wild fight, breaking tables, throwing each other around, until Dean is able to get the broken pool cue from Lee. He pins Lee to the wall with the point of the cue stick before pushing it deep into his friend's chest. In his final moments, Lee asks why Dean cares so much and is told "because someone has to." Satisfied that Dean is the one taking him down, he pats Dean's chest to signal he is ready to die. Dean removes the broken pool cue and as Lee falls to the floor and dies.