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Name Leviathan!Dean
Actor Jensen Ackles
Dates  ???? - (neutralized by Dean Winchester.)
Location Ankeny, Iowa
Occupation Leviathan
Episode(s) 7.06 Slash Fiction

I mean, honestly, I just... You know what? I can't stand the guy. Talk about a hero complex. And he doesn't have relationships. No, he has applications for sainthood. Oh, and he thinks he's funny. He thinks he's a damn comedian.

– Leviathan!Dean, 7.06 Slash Fiction


This Leviathan takes on the form of Dean, after fellow Leviathan Dr. Gaines gets some of Dean's DNA from a motel bathroom.


7.06 Slash Fiction

Leviathan!Dean, along with Leviathan!Sam, commits several murders in Jericho, California; Black Water Ridge, Colorado; Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin; St. Louis, Missouri; and Ankeny, Iowa -- all places where the real Winchester brothers already worked cases (during season one). Their plan is to frame Dean and Sam so that, once they are arrested, they will be easy to locate and kill. He drives a '67 Impala almost identical to the one that Dean drives, except for its custom rims and Illinois license plate.

Leviathan!Dean likes impersonating the older Winchester, but only because he prefers Dean's hairstyle over Sam's. However, he doesn't agree with Dean about how good burgers really are or that Dean is funny. He turns down the other Leviathan's offer to switch and impersonate Sam instead.

When he has Sam trapped in an interrogation room in Iowa, he informs him that Dean killed Amy Pond before attempting to eat him. The real Dean, however, arrives in time and decapitates him. Dean and Sam then take his and Leviathan!Sam's heads to dispose of separate from their bodies, which they leave with Sheriff Osborne. Their bodies are eventually recovered by the Leviathan posing as Agent Valente.