Lilith's Crook

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Name Lilith's Crook
Manufacturer Lilith
Powers Calls and siphons demons to it's location.
Location/Owners Hell (destroyed)
Episodes 15.03 The Rupture

Yeah, you know, one of those, uh, curvy-ended canes that shepherds use? Little Bo Peep? It's just a nickname. Doesn't matter. Thing's actually more of a horn. Anyways, when Lilith began sending demons off to Earth to do her bidding, there was a little problem. I mean, yeah, she commanded absolute loyalty in Hell, but there was no guarantee that once her minions were topside, that they wouldn't just take advantage of the situation. She needed to control her flock. So [...] It could -- can retrieve all of Hell's lost creatures and bring them straight back home.

Belphegor, 15.03 The Rupture


As a means of controlling demons she sent out into the world, Lilith forged a horn (nicknamed "Lilith's Crook" by the demons) as a means of making sure her minions did her bidding on Earth. Due to commanding absolute loyalty in Hell, Lilith never needed to use the Crook; the fact that she had it instilled enough fear into the demons that they never diverged from her orders.

The Crook was kept sealed away in Lilith's Chamber in a specially-made case protected by Enochian verses singing a song of praise to Lucifer. In order to open the case, the verses need to be sung.


Lilith's Crook appears as a shofar, and when blown the tekiah gedolah will draw all demons and spirits back to Hell. The Crook can also be used as a siphon, allowing the blower to absorb any and all demons or damned souls it calls to them, granting the individual great power.


15.03 The Rupture

Realizing Lilith's Crook is their best bet against the Hell ghosts, Castiel and Belphegor descend to Hell through the Rupture created by God.

Making their way to Lilith's Chamber, they find it being ransacked by a demon named Malfayan, whom Castiel kills. Belphegor points Castiel to a chest, warded with Enochian verses singing praise to Lucifer. After Castiel sings the verses, Belphegor betrays Castiel, revealing that he plans to call and siphon all the ghosts and demons into him with the Crook, making him akin to a god.

Blowing the horn calls all the ghosts back to Hell and into the Crook. Castiel forces his way to Belphegor, where he stops him and smites him, burning Jack's corpse into a skeleton and destroying the Crook in the process.


  • The horn used for Lilith's Crook is reminiscent of those found on Jacob sheep, initially believed to be the same breed mentioned in the Hebrew bible in Genesis 30:31–43 when Jacob, patriarch of the Israelites, took every speckled and spotted sheep from the flock belonging to his father-in-law, Laban the Aramean, and bred them. In 2009, all domestic breeds have been proven to originate in the Fertile Crescent and the Jacob sheep became named for Jacob in the 20th century, though it was determined that they weren't indigenous to ancient Israel.