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Name Lora
Actor Natasha Calis
Location Wichita, Kansas
Episode(s) 14.03 The Scar


Lora is a runaway who, dissatisfied with life in her small town, is taken in by a witch. Along with other girls, Lora's youth is used by the witch to keep herself young, causing Lora to rapidly age and eventually wither away.


14.03 The Scar

After being saved from a witch by the hunter Jules, Lora's body begins to age at an expedited rate. She is brought to the Bunker by Jules, who is looking for help with reversing Lora's hex. When Castiel is unable to reverse the spell placed on Lora, she is placed in the Bunker's infirmary while Castiel and Jules attempt to perform a reversal spell.

Jack goes to sit at Lora's bedside, assuring her Castiel will fix her. When he asks her if she has anyone in her life, Lora tells Jack about her mother, but says she probably hates her. She reveals that she hated her small town and her mother's rules, but now wishes to be back home. Castiel and Jules perform the reversal spell, however the spell only works to speed up the aging process on Lora.

When Lora is eventually killed by the spell, a distraught Jack quickly realizes that Lora was not cursed, but rather a pendant the witch was wearing was used to steal the life force / youth of the girls she took in. Upon Jack destroying the pendant, Lora's life force is released and returned to a pendant she was wearing, healing her and bringing her back to life. Jules then accompanies Lora back to her mother.