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Powers and Abilities Super strength
Vulnerabilities Silver
Appearance Bipedal canine
Episode(s) 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)


A loup-garou was placed in a New Orleans cemetery to act as a watchdog by the Men of Letters.


Loup-garou are a type of Cajun werewolf which are a bipedal monster, covered in skin and scales similar to alligators with a huge wolf-like head.

Powers and abilities

  • Super strength – A loup-garou can easily overpower a human.


  • Decapitation – The only method known to kill a loup-garou.
  • Fire – A loup-garou recoiled in the presence of fire.
  • Silver – Can cause harm to a loup-garou.


1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)

A loup-garou attacks John Winchester and Mary Campbell in a New Orleans cemetery as they try to retrieve the Ostium. Mary realizes that the Men of Letters had left the creature as a watchdog and she warns John that silver can hurt it, but only decapitation can kill it. As John holds the loup-garou off removing a piece of silver shrapnel from his friend Murphy's cross, and stabbing the creature with it, allowing to Mary return to the surface where Carlos Cervantez has retrieved a silver blade. Mary drops the blade to John who is able to decapitate and kill the monster.

John Winchester squares off with a loup-garou.
The decapitated head of a loup-garou.

1.06 Art of Dying

A stuffed loup-garou can be seen in the back of Anton's taxidermy shop.

Loup-Garou in Lore

In Louisiana, Cajun people believe the Loup-garou is a type of werewolf that lives in the swamps and forests. The creature's origins can be traced to medieval French werewolf stories.

Loup-garou or Rugaru?

In lore, loup-garou and rougarou (or rugaru) are often used interchangeably the same type of werewolf with French origins. However, in the Supernatural universe the rugaru is a distinct type of creature, and is the result of a genetic mutation that, when expressed, causes the affected human to experience a murderous, cannibalistic hunger. They remain human in appearance. It is not known how the loup-garou originates.