Lucas Barr

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Lucas Barr.jpg
Name Lucas Barr
Actor Nico McEown
Location Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin
Episode(s) 1.03 Dead in the Water


Lucas is the son of Andrea Barr and the grandson of Sheriff Jake Devins. After watching his father die, Lucas stops talking.


1.03 Dead in the Water

When Peter Sweeney begins killing people in Lake Manitoc, it appears that Lucas is in some way connected to Peter's spirit and he is able to give Sam and Dean clues through crayoned drawings. Lucas seemed to form a connection with Dean who shared the trauma of watching a parent die. It was also Dean who ended up saving Lucas from the spirit Peter Sweeney in Lake Manitoc. Only when the spirit is at rest does he start talking again, and does Lucas learn an invaluable lesson from Dean: "Zeppelin rules."