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Name Luther
Actor Warren Christie
Dates 1800s – 2006 (killed by John Winchester)
Location Manning, Colorado
Occupation Vampire pack leader
Episode(s) 1.20 Dead Man's Blood


Luther was the leader of a small group of vampires and the mate of female vampire Kate. Luther was apparently born in the 1800s, as Kate says that the Colt was made around when Luther was born. He has history with hunter Daniel Elkins who presumably killed Luther’s family.


Luther after being shot with the Colt.

1.20 Dead Man's Blood

Luther is waiting at the nest when his pack comes back from a hunt, it's then that Kate tells him about finding and killing Daniel Elkins, which upsets Luther as it means other hunters may pick up their trail. However, he notices the Colt Kate brought back and tells her that he has seen it before. As Luther and Kate are about to have sex, they notice Jenny watching them, Luther cuts Kate's arm with his knife, she then sucks the blood from the wound and goes to Jenny and begins kissing her and forcing blood into her mouth as Luther watches he welcomes her to the family.

The Winchesters, having found out that Luther has possession of the Colt stake out the vampire nest and attempt a daylight raid to get it back. In the barn John finds the Colt hanging above a sleeping Luther and Kate, and when he attempts to take it Luther and the rest of the nest are woken up by the scream of the newly turned Jenny. Luther rears up and throws John against the wall. John grabs a rock and hurls it at the blackened window, letting in the daylight, causing Luther and Kate to flinch away as he makes his escape.

Later when Luther learns that Kate has been abducted by the Winchesters, he is able to track John down. While they are facing off, John tells Luther will trade Kate for the Colt. Luther agrees and as they are about to make the exchange Kate knocks John into his truck. Luther approaches, backhanding John and knocking him unconscious on the ground. Sam and Dean soon arrive firing arrows at the other vampires, Luther easily captures Sam and threatens to break his neck if the Winchesters don't surrender. John appears from behind Luther, raises the Colt and shoots Luther between the eyes. A brief flash of light reflects his skeleton, before he falls to his knees dead.