Luther Shrike

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Name Luther Shrike
Actor Richard Brake
Dates 1800's – 2017 (killed by Barthamus)
Occupation Supernatural Collector
Episode(s) 13.08 The Scorpion and the Frog


Luther Shrike was a 200-year-old man who sold his soul to Barthamus in exchange for saving his sick son's life, however his son drowned a few years later. Barthamus told him that he couldn't be held responsible for his son's death, telling him accidents happen, which incited Luther. In his anger, Luther located and retrieved Barthamus' bones so that when he was dragged into Hell, he could use them as leverage to release him from his contract.

Upon his release from Hell, Shrike became a collector of supernatural paraphernalia and warded his mansion so that no one could enter his property without his permission, as well as making Luther immortal while on the property. Luther kept the bones in a vault hidden in an underground chamber which was protected via a cloaking spell and could only be opened by the blood of a man who has been to Hell and back, such as himself. From his home he was able to receive up to date information on current events regarding demons, pass the time by reading, and even taught himself how to make homemade gin.


13.08 The Scorpion and the Frog

Barthamus recruits Sam and Dean to retrieve a wooden chest from Shrike in exchange for a Nephilim tracking spell that can find Jack Kline, threatening to give it to Asmodeus if they decide not to help him. He gives them the first half of the spell to confirm that it's real, but he keeps the second half until they finish the heist. They meet with his team, "Smash" and "Grab", and are informed about most of what they might be facing. Meanwhile, at Shrike's home, a demon asks Shrike to alert him when Barthamus arrives, to gain favor with Asmodeus. But Shrike exorcises him and announces that he will be ready to face anyone who gets in his way, telling the demon as he sends it back to Hell that he gives orders, he doesn't take them.

Using the Impala as a Trojan horse to enter Shrike's house, Sam presents himself as a seller who is offering Ruby's knife. Shrike is able to see past his deceit and attacks him with the knife, believing him to be a demon. In the ensuing struggle, Sam knocks the knife out of Shrike's hand, prompting him to grab a shotgun. He misses his first shot, and while he's reloading Sam is able to retrieve the knife and stab him in the chest, but it is ineffective against Shrike since he can't be killed while he's on his property. Shrike knocks out Sam with a fossilized gorgon tooth and goes to protect the vault. When he arrives, he kills Grab, and Smash attacks him while making her getaway. He moves to attack Dean with the knife but is distracted by Sam, who tells Dean Shrike is immortal; Dean knocks him out and retrieve the knife.

Dean ties Shrike up, and duct tapes his mouth because he won't stop gloating that they will never figure out how to get to the vault since the room is filled with pressure plates that will shoot silver-tipped darts filled with arsenic, holy oil, and holy water. Sam decides to push him into the room on a cart to take the hit of all the darts, clearing the way to the vault. Dean ties Shrike back up, but once Smash has opened the vault and Sam and Dean have retrieved the chest, they find that Shrike was able to escape.

They leave Shrike's in the Impala with the chest and make their way to meet with Barthamus, but they are intercepted by Shrike in his red truck, who gives chase causing Dean to reverse. Dean is able to swerve the Impala while Sam is shoots out a tire, stopping Shrike in his tracks. With their guns aimed at him, Shrike tells Sam and Dean of the deal he made with Barthamus to save his ill son's life, and how his son drowned a few years later. When Barthamus refused to take responsibility for the death, Shrike retrieved his bones, which are in the chest, as leverage for escaping Hell. Shrike gives them the key to the chest, but as he is telling them that they are fighting on the wrong side, Barthamus appears and decapitates Shrike, killing him as he had left his property. Barthamus's actions towards Shrike and his son disgust the Winchesters, who go back on their deal with Barthamus. Shrike and his son are avenged when Alice burns the bones moments later, killing Barthamus.