Lynda Bloome

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Lynda bloome.png
Name Lynda Bloome
Actor Carrie Genzel
Dates  ???? - 2006 (killed by curse/spiders)
Location Oasis Plains, Oklahoma; Atoka Valley County
Occupation Realtor
Episode(s) 1.08 Bugs


Lynda is Head of Sales for land developer Larry Pike, who builds a house estate in Oasis Plains, Oklahoma on land that carries a curse from a chief of the Euchee Tribe after a cavalry massacre.


1.08 Bugs

Sam and Dean first meet Lydia at the Pike residence, where she assumes the brothers are a couple and pitches them about living in the community. As Dean takes a tour of the house with Larry Pike, Sam is stuck listening to Lynda talk outside. While Lynda continues talking, Sam notices a tarantula crawling towards her hand, which is resting on a table. A few feet away, Larry's son, Matt Pike, is watching excitedly, until Sam pushes Lynda out of the way and picks up the spider and brings it over to Matt.

Later that night Lynda enters her bedroom, turning on the light. She turns on the television and takes her hair out of the bun and prepares to take a shower. While she is washing her hair, a very big spider crawls out from behind the shower head. In a matter of seconds, hundreds of enormous spiders begin crawling out from the tiles. Lynda opens her eyes and screams. She breaks through the glass of the shower doors and tries to run away. The camera pans over to her. A trail of blood leads from the bathtub to the bedroom floor showing Lynda lying dead, as several smaller spiders run across her body.