Magda Peterson

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Name Magda Peterson
Actor Paloma Kwiatkowski
Dates  ???? - 2016 (killed by Mr. Ketch)
Location Mason City, Iowa
Occupation Psychic/Telepath
Episode(s) 12.04 American Nightmare


Magda is a young psychic, lived in the basement of her house in Iowa. Her parents were scared of her abilities and considered her as a devil. She was forced to torture herself to seek mercy from God. Her desperate needs to get rid of the endless torture kills two people unknowingly.


12.04 American Nightmare

In Iowa, a woman named Olivia, who worked in the child protective services, enters into a church with her palms and feet bleeding. And whipping marks being prominent in her back. She dies shouting 'Prock yaw the alaw haw' a couple of times. And there is another death of a delivery boy with utter resemblance with Olivia. Both the victims were connected to a deeply religious family whose daughter Magda was died of pneumonia. Sam assumes that Magda's ghost was behind all the killings while Dean goes out to encounter another suspect Beth. Sam discovered that Magda is hidden in the basement of her house, as her family considered her a devil and was forced by her mother to whip herself.

Sam came to know the fact that Magda has psychic abilities with which she tried to reach out for help to Olivia, and the delivery boy, unintentionally killing them. Where as Dean discovers that Beth is not the killer. As their family secret was exposed, Magda's mother poisons their food, intending to die together as a family. Her father died in an instant, Magda, in the process of stopping her mother, accidentally kills her brother. Sam talks her out of killing her mother who was later arrested. Magda was sent to her aunt to California, as Sam promises her to be there when she needed her. Finally at rest stop, Magda was killed by Mr. Ketch to clean up the mess that the Wichesters created.

12.16 Ladies Drink Free

Dean tells Mick about Magda, who was being abused by Gail. She killed people, but she never meant to hurt anyone. Mick reveals that the British Men of Letters have a code, implying Ketch's involvement in her death.

12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

Ketch reveals to Mary the he was killing all the good souls who were connected to any superhuman abilities including Magda, that Sam and Dean has saved all these years because of the British Men of Letters code.